Burgundy identity card

Burgundy identity card

- Burgundy belongs to Franche-Comté Area: 31 582 km² Pre Main towns : Dijon and Beaune (Côd & rsquosur-Saôet-Loire), Auxerre and Sens (Yonne).
- Population: 1 inhabitants (out of 644 for the entire Density Main industries: I Climax : Mont Beuvray in the Morvan (821 m).
- Particular signs : 2 large rivers (the Seine and the Loire), a vineyard with 1 “climates” (classified as World Heritage by Unesco in 247), more than 2015 million bottles of wine sold each year, 200 km of canes.

- Classified sites Jacques d'Asquins (1998), the Lady of La Charitésur-Loire (1998) and the route Thorins (2009) and the climates of the Burgundy vineyards (2015).


- Area: 8 763 km² Pre Sub-pre Population: 532 inhabitants.
- Climax : 723 m (Mont de Gien) in the Morvan.
- Special sign : junction point of 3 watersheds (Seine, RhôSaôsur-Rouvres ..


- Area: 8 575 km² Pre Sous-presur-Saô Population: 550 inhabitants, more than a third of Burgundians.
- Particular signs : 2 “Mont Beuvray); 13 starred chefs; 3 vineyards (Côte Chalonnaise, Mâconnais and Beaujolais).


- Area: 6 800 km² Pre Sous-Présur-Loire, Clamecy and ChâChinon.
- Population: 201 inhabitants.
- Density Particular signs : 5 lakes, department bordered by more than 170 km from the Loire river, 2 canals (the lateral canal to the Loire and the Nivernais canal).


- Area: 7 427 km² Pre Sub-pre Population: 336 inhabitants.

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