Burgundy cuisine, gastronomy and drinks

Burgundy cuisine, gastronomy and drinks

Culinary specialties

Blackcurrant cream

Blackcurrant is indeed a Burgundian peculiarity. Its real cultivation began in 1841, when a Dijon liqueur manufacturer produced for the first time a liqueur worthy of the name according to a new recipe (a maceration of blackcurrant grains in alcohol with the addition of sugar).

The mustard

Mustard remains the true glory of the ducal capital. Dijon mustard has changed its taste over time, just as it has changed the taste (initially it was used to mask the taste of certain dishes or foods). From now on, this condiment is produced in an industrial way and the must of yesteryear (mixture of grape juice and verjuice) is often replaced by vinegar. As for mustard seeds, they are often harvested in Canada. Some rare craftsmen such as Beaunois Fallot, who set up in Dijon in 2014, still use the old process with flint grinding.


Wheat flour, a strong flavored honey like that of Morvan and some spices (cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, anise ...) are the basis of this fine and artisanal product, imported from Flanders by the Dukes of Burgundy.

To find out more, visit for example the factory of the famous Mulot and Petitjean gingerbread factory in Dijon.

Cheese board

With around thirty varieties identified, Burgundy can present a more than honorable cheese platter, some of which, like Époisses, have a very strong taste.

- É The Soumaintrain et saint florentine are produced in Yonne, The chaourcecheese The cîpierre-qui-vire are the cheeses that are born under the vaults Goat cheese are produced all over the region. Among the best known: crottins from Chavignol (Sancerrois), Chaource and Langres or Charolais (newly labeled AOC), which are among the largest goat cheeses.

Other Burgundy specialties

- before. Purists use Chambertin for the marinade. The quality  Full-bodied parsley ham  The raw ham from Morvan: this dice Ham at The Morvan rosette and the Nolay judru: these peasant sausages differ sur-le-Doubs and Chalon-sur-Saô The e Corniottes: typical of Saôet-Loire, formerly prepared during the Ascension celebrations. A shortcrust pastry is garnished with cheese, closed in the shape of a purse and glued in a tricorn at its upper part.

- L & rsquo Morvan honey: all the scent of mountain flowers.

Burgundy wines

If the most surprising former duchess. There are no less than 115 appellations.

The different grape varieties

- Le pinot noir produces the great red wines of the Côte. It is the ideal grape variety for limestone hillsides in a temperate climate where it gives its best wines, tasty and full of finesse. Its yield is low and it mainly produces wines for aging, which must age 10 to 20 years before reaching their fullness.

- Le chardonnay is par excellence the cesaxons.

- Le gamay is the cécalcaires of MâCôtes, where it produces wines for daily consumption like the “grand ordinary”. It would have taken the name of a village around which today only pinot is cultivated!

- Aligoté is the autochthonous white grape variety which is used for the production of "bourgogne aligoté". It gives a very fresh, fruity white wine, which is normally drunk young.

- D & rsquoBris (150 ha), the melon in Tannay, the cease on the slopes of Auxerre ...

The Chablisien and the Auxerrois

The Chablis vineyards, located in Vineuse, Chitry and Saint-Bris, which produce excellent white wines.
Also in Yonne, also note the wine production of Joigny, Tonnerre, Épineuil and Vézelay which offer wines in regional appellation.

The Coast of Nights

The fabulous vineyards of CôSaint-Georges. It is in this cramped shred that the appellations with the mythical names of the villages are found.

La RomanéConti

What to confer cellar masters!

The clos de Vougeot

It produces a dark, powerful and full-bodied wine, which is extremely diversified by the paw of winemakers.

The Côte de Beaune

It is ÉSerrigny (south of Nuits-Saint-Georges) and Maranges, the last Corton and Pommard, the best white wines in the world: Corton-Charlemagne, Meursault, Chassagne-Montrachet and Puligny-Montrachet.

The Hautes-Côtes de Nuits and Beaune

ÀCôtes constitute a divided landscape. The high-altitude vineyards and the lower temperatures make these wines lighter and, with a few exceptions, they should be consumed more quickly.

The Chalonnaise coast

The lesser-known Côte Chalonnaise wines are excellent and affordable. The appellations bouzeron, rully, mercurey and givry give red wines.

The Mâconnais

The Réfuissévinzelles, Pouilly-Lochévéran have a beautiful golden yellow color; they are floral, fruity and deserve a long aging.

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