Budapest leisure and activities

Budapest leisure and activities

The baths

In the Carpathian Basin (of which Hungary is geologically a part), the earth's crust is very thin, so water from the bubbling groundwater rises to the surface without having had time. to cool down (a bit like in Iceland). This singularity of nature means that there are no less than 3 gushing springs in Hungary.
Budapest, meanwhile, has 123.
Some sources date from Roman times, but it is to the Turks, for whom the baths were the essential place to perform the large ablutions essential for prayer, that we owe the architecture of most of the baths.

Arising at temperatures between 21 and 76 ° C, these sources are rich in calcium, magnesium, sulfur and other minerals ... A good remedy natural for rheumatics and other anxious, which come to take the waters in oriental or Art Nouveau settings. The Hungarians do not deprive themselves of it because they benefit from an excellent health system (inherited from the communist period) which allows them to go to the baths "on prescription", so free or almost. Many go there in the morning. The term "baths" translates to fürdő (pronounced "furious") in Hungarian (plural: fürdők).

Vary your thermal bath as you return to the hammam (steam bath) before submitting yourself to the clients, many get by in English (we are in Budapest!).

Swimwear and caps

Although it is increasingly recommended in other baths, only mixed baths require the use of the swimsuit (however, you can rent them almost everywhere). Women must leave a deposit greater than men (2 to 000 Ft)!
For single-sex baths (case of Rudas baths for example), the loan of a kind of loincloth, which lets the buttocks overflow like baby sumo, is included in the entry. Modest ones will prefer the swimsuit.
The swimming cap is mandatory when you want to swim in the pool. For the thermal baths themselves, we can do without. You can buy them on the spot ... not very becoming. We cannot recommend you enough tobring your personal towel because if you can rent one (high price and deposit of 1 to 000 Ft depending on the size and location), the wait to pick it up after paying can be very long in case of crowds.

In plastic watch that you have to "point". This score records your time of arrival at the bath while assigning you a cabin or locker number (depending on your choice) in which you will change (if it is a cabin obviously because for the locker it is better to be a contortionist! ). You will leave your things there.
You will then go to the bath after having taken a good shower. After splashing all your drunk, you will reopen the cabin (or locker) with your bracelet. You will change, then, when leaving, slip your bracelet into the urn located next to the exit turnstiles.
There, 2 scenarios: either you stayed less than 2 hours and your bracelet will come out to allow you to go and get reimbursed for part of the time not consumed (if the baths in question allow it, but this is not always the case) ; or you stayed more than 2 hours, and in this case it is directly the exit. With a few exceptions, most baths work this way.

Schedules and rates

In gecurists are open from 6 am to end) and comfort (locker or cabin). Retirement rates or for those who come a little before closing.

Hop-on, hop-off service

Those with limited time can use these buses to major tourist sites.

The most famous company is Giraffe Hop on Hop off. We pay for 24h, 48h or 72h on 5 circuits difféde-la-Ville, Grande Synagogue, Châ hill 17 p.m. or 17 p.m. Price: 30-6 Ft depending on duration; student reduction; free up to 000 years.
Audio guide in more than 20 languages, including of course French (rather poor comments, that said).
The company also offers a night bus (departure at 19 p.m. from Vigadó tér; 45 stops in 5 hours) and a hop on hop off boat on the Danube.

There are other companies like Budapest Sightseeing Hop on Hop off and Legenda, which offer dinners on board with candles, orchestra and all the stuff, but we haven't tried it. Not to mention the party buses and party boats which, as their names indicate, offer to party on board ...

Danube excursions

Budapest has 'flies' of various sizes and styles for exploring the city from the river. Audio guides are distributed to passengers, with commentary in 30 languages!
Admittedly, it's very touristy, but we still recommend the night cruise to admire the main bridges and illuminated buildings, very elegant at night.

- For day trips, we recommend the Duna Bella. His alter ego, the Danube Legend, sails at night. Prices: 3 900 Ft for the Duna bella. His alter ego, Feb); student reduction and 25% with the Budapest Card; free up to 9 years old. 1 drink included. Booking recommended in season.

- The national river company MAHART also offers various excursions on the Danube, with seven cruises to the Danube loop (Szentendre, Visegrád, Esztergom); according to formula and boat, departure no earlier than 9 a.m., return no later than 20 p.m. Count 3 Ft the round trip to Szentendre and 820 Ft the round trip to Esztergom (5h720 stopover at destination); 2% reduction with the Budapest Card and 30% with the Hungary Card. The price almost doubles in hydrofoil but 20 hours of stopover at destination.

- Another way to take a dip in the beautiful blue Danube: the River Ride, a fly-bus (1st of its kind in Europe!) ... for over 14 years and students); 10% reduction with the Budapest Card; free up to 5 years.

Radio and newspapers

- To find out about local life, there is a newspaper in French for expatriates, the Journal francophone de Budapest, which can only be found online, on social networks and on its website.

- Also the Budapest Funzine. It is more focused on alternative and fashionable places, on exhibitions and on shopping.

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