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In 2007, Belgium commemorates the centenary of the birth of Hergé. This is an opportunity to rediscover the incredible Belgian contribution to the 9th art in the capital of comics.

The Belgian Comic Strip Center

As soon as you enter this temple of comics, you are greeted in the hall by Tintin's rocket, a Smurf and Asterix.

At the top of the stairs, a figurine of Lucky Luke, the Duponts, and throughout the visit, many heroes punctuate your discovery.

On the 1st floor, explanatory panels and illustration showcases present the story of the birth of a comic strip from the original idea to its sale in stores.

The respective roles of screenwriter, draftsman, letterer, colorist or printer will no longer hold any secrets for you.

You will be surprised by the enormity of the enterprise, the diversity of techniques used (pastel, Indian ink, watercolor, collages, photography, various supports and types of paper, etc.) and the work of detail involved in the slightest sheet of a comic strip.

The Saint Roch room exhibits 150 original boards classified by trades (exercised by the main character of the comic strip):

from the peripatetician to the private detective via the shrimp fisherman or the tax inspector, you will enjoy browsing through these regularly changing works.

The rest of the museum will introduce you to the history of comics from the founding fathers like Jigé, and from the publication of Spirou's newspaper in 1938 to the most modern currents.

The Reading Room on the ground floor is accessible with the entrance ticket. So make yourself comfortable on the cushions and relax in peace...

The comic strip facades of Brussels

After a visit to the CBBD, stroll through the streets of Brussels in search of comic book facades, these houses illustrated with the effigy of imaginary heroes populating the most famous albums.

During your discovery of the different districts, you will thus come across Gaston Lagaffe, Boule and Bill, Le Chat, Tintin and Captain Haddock, and other mythical heroes.

There are about thirty scattered throughout the city.

Buy comics

You will also see many "Tintin shops", figurines of characters in souvenir shops, and other derivative products capitalizing on the artistic heritage of Belgian comics...

Apart from tourist gadgets, here you are at the best place to buy new or used comics. In any Belgian bookstore, the comic book section is substantial.

You will find the most second-hand comic book shops on the chaussée du Wavre, south of the Brussels-Luxembourg station, in the European district and especially on the chaussée d'Ixelles.

Useful information

The Belgian comic strip centre: rue des sables; Brouckere metro. Admission: 7,50. Website:

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