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One of the first activities you are offered when you move to England is the "pub crawl", which can be translated as "bar crawl".

Remember, however, that "crawl" literally means "crawl"... So you have been warned, beware of abuse!

Especially if it's a question of following English friends who will undoubtedly have more endurance than you in this matter, as a matter of habit!

Here, the reference unit is the pint. If you want to be satisfied with a demi à la française, ask for a “half pint”, but you will probably be the only one!

The atmosphere of the pubs is indescribable. In general, it is a real house with kitsch decor.

There is often a floor, an interior courtyard, a garden. Almost all pubs have a large fireplace, which works all winter.

It is the place of sociability and collective communion par excellence.

There are also giant screens for watching football matches. Do not miss ! The atmosphere is truly unforgettable.

Be careful, any defeat of the national team leads to "fights" on every street corner, usually pitting two alcoholic Englishmen who want to fight it out...

Brighton is the city in England where there are the most pubs per inhabitant after London and the nightlife is very lively.

There are some 900 licensed establishments.

Here are some of the finest pubs in town: The oldest pub in town is The Cricketer, located in the historic Lanes district.

On the first floor you will learn all about the story of the ghost that haunts the pub!

Discover the other pubs of the lanes, in particular the black lion, the Sussex (excellent "pub food"), "the Hop Poles" and its heated terrace, the Druids'head, the Bath arms, etc.

The North Laine have more trendy cafes and vegetarian restaurants, but the earth and star, the Great Eastern with its decor of old books or the Prince Albert with its concerts will seduce you with their atmosphere.

Next to the pavilion, the Kings and Queen is a huge pub with a surprising decor (knights in armour) with giant screens and a pleasant garden.

Also try the Fitzherbert and its excellent jazz concerts every Thursday.

Heading towards Hove near the seafront, the lion and lobster and the bedford tavern are very nice pubs.

Test your knowledge at the lion and lobster pub quiz (also known for its sunday roasts).

Finally, discover the pubs of Hanover Hill: from up there, the view of the city at sunset is impressive.

These pubs bring together more locals than tourists, unlike those in the city center.

Also discover the vibrant nightlife of Kemp town, Brighton's gay district.

For rock lovers, Brighton is known for its lively music scene. The Free but welcomes hard-rock groups regularly.

Impossible to make an exhaustive list of pubs in Brighton, there are at least 5 per street! Start with a few pub crawls and you'll quickly find which one to choose as your HQ!

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