Boat rental: what do you need to know to get started?

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Boat rental is truly the activity in vogue for the summer of 2021. Renting a boat allows you to explore wild coves, take to the open sea or even get away from the tourist bustle. Discover all the tips you need to know to get started.

How to find the best price?

Today, boat rental is more accessible regardless of your budget. Indeed, whether for a day or for a week, with a sailing or motor boat, you will find a wide choice in terms of budget.

It is true that renting a boat is much more affordable and accessible than in the past. Indeed, like booking a hotel room or a plane flight, you can use a platform that will allow you to find what you are looking for among a large number of offers. These platforms offer you the choice to filter your search according to the place, the type of boat as well as your dates. This way, you just have to choose the offer that best suits your expectations and your trip.

Which boat to choose?

What type of boat to choose?

You will have to choose what type of boat you want to leave with. Indeed, there are a multitude of them such as the catamaran, the sailboat, the motor boat ... For that, you must analyze your needs in order to choose the boat that will be best suited to your sea excursion. To choose the ideal boat, you must think about your budget, your trip, the place of navigation, the time of the excursion, the comfort, the planned activities, the number of people but also if you have a boat license. or not.

Boat rental: a unique experience

Boat rental allowshave access to places otherwise inaccessible such as beaches, coves or incredible coves. Also, you can enjoy an exceptional view from the boat by choosing the place where you want to stop to enjoy the scenery. Navigating by boat allows you to live a unique experience far from tourist places with a great feeling of lightness and freedom. Boat rental is a perfect alternative for a vacation that breaks away from your daily routine.

Have a good time with friends on a boat

What are the advantages of renting a boat?

Boat rental is suitable for all types of trips but also for all types of people. It is true that the boat is a real place to live where you can sleep and eat just like at home. The first argument for those used to boat rental is the feeling of freedom when browsing. Also, the boat trip allows many activities like paddle boarding, diving, fishing, reading ...

Tips to know before departure

Once you have selected your ideal boat, you will need to prepare for your departure in order to make your trip on the water a success. For this, it is important to learn, in particular, about weather conditions. There are very detailed marine weather reports that help prevent unnecessary risks. You will also need to monitor the direction and strength of the wind for your navigation.

Also think about inspect your rental boat before and after return in order to report any suspicious element. Also, if you want a trip in total serenity, avoid the months of July and August which are synonymous with tourist turmoil. Give more preference to the months of May, June and September which are less frequented.

Reach wild coves by boat

The importance of carefully consulting your rental contract

Don't be distracted by the euphoria of your trip and be sure to read your rental agreement carefully. This will prevent you from making mistakes and unpleasant surprises. In particular, you must pay attention to the additional costs that the contract may contain. These costs may correspond to fuel, cleaning or late return costs.

If you don't want to end up with a fee upon arrival for the final note, be careful what your contract might contain. You also need to think about check the cancellation conditions section in your contract. This will allow you to make sure that you can cancel your rental if you are unable to do so. It is also necessary to think about the deposit which is requested by the rental companies in order to protect themselves against the potential degradation of the boat and the equipment.

Insurance and boating

According to the French Insurance Federation, it is important to check that you are well insured if you practice boating. Depending on your situation, you may be insured by your multi-risk home insurance contract, by that of the owner, but also by a multi-risk pleasure insurance contract. Either way, you need to make sure you are covered for your trip. The contract can potentially contain insurance and in this case analyze the coverage offered by it.

So ready to take the helm and go on an adventure? If you have already tried boat rental, share your experience and your secret corners in the comments.

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