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    Berlin Bike Tour

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    What could be more ideal than a guided bike tour to discover Berlin and its history? You have a great time, exercise and socialize, and benefit from the knowledge of your guide. Fantastic day ahead!

    Understand all the facets of Berlin in one bike tour: the founding of Berlin, the Prussians, the Weimar Republic, Hitler and the Third Reich, the division of the city by the wall during the Cold War and contemporary Berlin. The tour begins with a brief introduction to Berlin before getting into the saddle. You will stop every two hundred meters to talk about the sites and to take pictures. Along the way, you'll stop at a beautiful beer garden where you can enjoy Berlin the way the locals do!
    Highlights of the Berlin Bike Tour:
    • Alexanderplatz
    • Marx/Engels Square
    • Palace of the Republic (former parliament of the GDR)
    • Museum Island
    • Checkpoint Charlie
    • Berlin Wall
    • Potsdamer Platz
    • Site of the Hitler bunker
    • Watch tower
    • Brandenburg Gate
    • Cycling along the Spree and in the Tiergarten
    • Siegessaeule (victory column)
    • Gendarmenmarkt
    • Bebelplatz (Nazi burning site)

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