Barcelona: Hotel or Apartment?

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Aina Martin

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A Barcelone, like everywhere else in the world, more and more leisure or even business travelers are choosing to travel differently in an apartment rather than in a hotel.

Facade of Barcelona Cathedral

  As long as you are in a lively area like the Ramblas or the beach, but also close to all the many works of Gaudi, you then have the best of both worlds: a space generally much larger than at the hotel, the possibility of having a few meals and therefore avoiding the sometimes very high costs of meals taken outside (just for 2 people, it is indeed 6 meals a day…). It is also the way to discover the quality and the great variety of Catalan products and to practice like so many cooks and cooks, known or anonymous, who will be able to pass on this culinary treasure to you, because Catalonia allows us to revel in wonderful traditional recipes and enjoy one of the most refined tables in Europe. For families it is therefore a considerable saving and why not think about booking an apartment or a house easily accessible by public transport: the day visits and the evening beach or barbecue in the garden? All you have to do is select accommodation near a train station (as in Sitges for example) or even look for a car park on the outskirts of Barcelona, ​​then take the metro. Renting a house or an apartment is also a way to get in touch with the Catalan population: the owner and also the traders around the accommodation in a generally less touristy area. This makes you want to discover other neighborhoods of Barcelona but also local personalities like Carlos Ruiz Zafón and his best seller L'ombre du Vent, Merce Rodoreda for his melancholy of his childhood years in the Village of Gracia (Barcelona), Joseph Pla for his great adventures as a great reporter... 

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