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The Arqueoticket allows you to visit 5 great museums where you will travel to the past of our civilization and other civilizations and gain a better understanding of the present.


  • Very good value for money
  • Flexibility to adapt the itinerary to your preferences 

Where can you find the most exclusive jewels in Barcelona? At the Archeology Museum of Catalonia you will find surprisingly modern necklaces, which were used as ornaments in prehistoric times. You can also see the latest Greek and Roman earrings.

When did we start tattooing each other? Decorating the body with tattoos was a common practice in pre-Hispanic America. This custom was linked to religious or magical rituals and you will find it at the Barbier-Mueller Museum.

Is piercing a modern practice? Gods, men, women and animals had piercings in ancient Egypt. At the Egyptian Museum in Barcelona, ​​you will discover how this ancient civilization became modern.

How long has the packaging been around? Some of the amphorae kept in the History Museum of the Ciutat de Barcelona have inscriptions painted on the base of the neck or the handles. They are the distant ancestors of today's logos, and they provided information about the producer, the type of wine.

How long has the All-Seeing Eye been around? Since time immemorial, the eye painted on the bow of a boat has been the eye that sees all and avoids any danger that may be encountered. At the Maritime Museum of Barcelona you will discover a rich vein of maritime traditions and customs.

Your Arqueoticket is valid until the end of the calendar year in which you purchased it.

Detailed schedule

Starting point :
Redeem your voucher for the Arqueoticket at any of the five museums on your ticket.

Departure time :
according to your leisure

Valid from the time you redeem your vouchers, for the consecutive days chosen.

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