Balearic health and safety

Balearic health and safety


In Les Balévous all the same, heat and sun: in summer, bring a hat, a protective sunscreen adapted to your skin type, and remember to drink often to avoid dehydration.

- No vaccine is compulsory.

European Health Insurance Card

Finally, for a temporary stay in Spain, remember to get the European health insurance card in case of a problem. All you have to do is call your social security center (or connect to your centre's website, even faster!), Which will send it to you within 15 days.

This card works with all member countries of the European Union. It is a gray plastic card of the same format as the Vitale card.

It is valid for 2 years and it is an individual card: each member of the family must have his own, including the children.


Like all very touristic regions, the Balearics are not immune to the invasion of scoundrels of all kinds, especially in high season: pickpockets, car thieves... In the city, it is not recommended to leave your bike attached in the street after 23 p.m.

A more insidious kind of jerk: the one who tries by all means to sell you a product or a service that you do not need. These are especially the free or very (too) cheap excursions which you should be wary of (advertised with a lot of advertising posters), because they are the occasion for visits to shops or demonstrations (crafts, etc.) where the market pressure is very, very strong ...

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