Balearic Culture

Balearic Culture


One of the peculiarities of Menorca and, to a lesser extent, Mallorca, is the large number of prehistoric sites found there. Menorca is also said to be an “open-air museum”. On Mallorca, the sites are grouped together on the east and south coasts.

The âC.), Of which we find many vestiges, mysterious as to their origin and their function: the talayots, the navetas, the taulas and the hypostyle chambers. All this is in ruins, and only survives as vestiges, often fairly well preserved.

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Since its inauguration in the 1930s, the Formentor hotel de Mallorca received an impressive number of distinguished guests: Winston Churchill, Douglas Fairbanks, Charlie Chaplin, the Prince and Princess of Monaco ... But we were able to meet many other stars in the streets of Palma.
The end of the XNUMXth century saw the heyday of the luxurious Residencia and its owner, Richard Branson, the boss of Virgin, who filled his guestbook with famous signatures: Lady Di, Jack Nicholson, Sting, Michael Douglas ...

Every summer in August, the Spanish royal family drops anchor in Palma. The royal couple, Felipe VI and his wife Letizia Ortiz, do not fail in the tradition! A number of European royal families meet in Mallorca every summer, in particular to participate in very chic regattas. Boris Becker owns a house in Artà (like many of his compatriots).


The dances of the Balearic Islands present a great variety of steps and figures. Many of them mimic real scenes, such as the harvest of olives, figs, or legendary episodes featuring, for example, horned demons (cossiers). The orchestra is composed of a xeremia (sort of bagpipe) and an espasi (drum). The music is based on repetitive rhythms which increase in intensity during the dance.

In Ibiza and Formentera, the man turns around his partner, playing his castanyoles (castañuelas) as she takes small steps, staring at the ground. The superposition of the dancer's petticoats dates from the time of the Turkish incursions. On her chest she wears her borrowed, a set of necklaces in gold, silver or coral. The most important elements attached to the necklaces are the cross (sa creu) and the reliquary (joia), which houses an engraving depicting Christ or the Virgin.
The first exit from theempredada in a young girl's life is First Communion. From year to year, her impredada will be enriched by her mother with new jewels, until puberty. The apredadas are passed down from generation to generation and are the pride of families. Their sentimental and artistic values ​​are valued more than their market value.

These dances, very popular with tourists, are performed at least once a week in most villages. There are many folk groups (colles) on the islands, some of international level.

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