Alaska money and budget

Alaska money and budget

Money, traveller's checks and cards


In January 2020, € 1 = US $ 1,10 and US $ 1 = US $ 0,90.

Currency exchange and payment methods

- You can take dear Bank cards There is no need to burden yourself with euros and look for an exchange counter, make withdrawals from an ATM, it is much easier and cheaper (between bad rates and large commissions ...).

Budget in Alaska

Alaska stands out in the American landscape by posting prices on average 20 to 30% more expensive than in the lower 48 (the continental USA). And yet we are only talking to you about goods, the vast majority imported.
As for hotels, it's almost double for identical service!


Accommodation is simply overpriced in Alaska! No need to think about falling back on an old motel, they too have prohibitive prices. The only economical solutions: camping or AJ.

- Good market service. Generally, a sign at the entrance to the site indicates this, and presents a bundle of envelopes and a locked ballot box. You must write the registration of your vehicle on the envelope, and slip the requested amount inside. Easy !

- Average prices: nothing that is really $ 90: it's $ 120.
- Classier : you will have a chance to find a motel for $ 130 if not $ 170, especially on the edge of Denali Park, in United, B & bs ($ 150).
- Very stylish : this is the case for lodges, large chain hotels in town and establishments built by cruise passengers (2/3 of tourists in Alaska). Anything below $ 180 and sometimes up to over $ 300!


- Cheap Average prices: for a full meal with tip (minimum 15  Classier : everything else, expensive, without exception, especially if you opt for bison, moose or snow crab ...


Getting to Alaska is expensive ... moving there too.

- Plane: count at least $ 330 round trip for a Juneau-Anchorage or an Anchorage-Kodiak ... and up to $ 1 to reach Adak, in the Aleutian Islands! The smallest seaplane trip to see bears in the Katmai Peninsula from Homer is around $ 500 per person!

-Ferry: expensive too, especially if you have a car on board. But it remains one of the best ways not to retrace its steps, especially between Whittier and Valdez.

- bus: count $ 195 with Interior Alaska Bus Line for an Anchorage - Fairbanks trip.

- Rental car : c & rsquo30% supéUnis. It is particularly high in the most isolated communities.


Come on, a good news all the same of the small local taxes in certain boroughs, of l & rsquo5%.
For the rest, as elsewhere in the country, you will have to pay 8%).


Fixed wages avoid and expose themselves to remarks and bitchings.

Some restaurants, especially in the touristy Talkeetna, directly include the tip amount on the final bill. It climbs quickly!


Less interesting than on the mainland, but if you don't stop there, you can still get some good deals. Without taxes !

- The to take away, particular Footwear, sneakers and sports and leisure clothing.

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