Africa in Paris

Paris is on African time until summer. At the Institut du monde arabe or at Quai Branly, at La Villette and even on the shelves of Galeries Lafayette, exhibitions, festivals, retrospectives and even pop-up stores place Africa at the top of the bill. Even better than a “Sunday in Bamako”, here is a spring in Paris in the colors of Africa!

“Treasures of Islam in Africa, from Timbuktu to Zanzibar” at the Arab World Institute (5th arrdt)

From Dakar to Zanzibar, from Timbuktu to Harar, the IMA explores the spread of Islam across sub-Saharan Africa, thirteen centuries of multidisciplinary cultural exchanges with the Maghreb and the Middle East.
Taking up its quarters over 1 m², the exhibition presents 100 archaeological pieces, photographs, paintings, but also boubous, amulets, Tuareg leathers, silver jewelry, calligraphy ... a set of everything that has participated in the dissemination of Arab culture -Muslim.
Religious architecture, cult practices and magic, art and crafts, as well as writing and calligraphy are more particularly approached by the course of the exhibition.
Works by contemporary artists, such as Rachid Koraïchi, Hassan Musa, Abdoulaye Konaté, Youssef Limoud and Aïda Muluneh, question these exchanges, illustrating the vitality and topicality of the presence of Islam in Africa.

From April 14 to July 30, 2017

For more information: Institut du monde arabe

"Africa of the roads" at the Quai Branly-Jacques Chirac museum (7th stop)

Handicrafts, paintings, calligraphy ... some 300 pieces (sculptures, silverware, paintings ...) from the "cradle of humanity" bear witness to the exchanges in Africa over the centuries.
It is by taking the river, land, sea, commercial, spiritual, aesthetic and colonial routes - highlighted through a thematic route - that Africa has developed.
From the 5th millennium until the present day, the continent has played a major role in international trade, via a network of pan-African and extra-African exchanges of commercial goods (raw materials, gold ...), objects of art, ideas, religions ...

At the same time, the museum offers the exhibition Primitive Picasso until July 23 on the relations between the Andalusian artist and the arts of Africa, Oceania, the Americas and Asia.

Until November 12, 2017

For more information: Quai Branly Museum

“Masterpieces of Africa” at the Dapper Museum (16th arrdt)

Dedicated to the cultures of Africa and its diasporas, the Dapper museum presents an exhibition on African masterpieces with 130 pieces, including major works, sculptures from Gabon (Fang, Kota, Punu ...), Cameroon (Bangwa), Benin (Fon), or even Mali (Dogon, Soninke).
The pieces were chosen for their beauty, but also their socio-cultural attributes. Masks, statues, statuettes, altars, ornaments, weapons and many other artefacts are linked to specific practices and knowledge.

Until June 18, 2017
For more information: Dapper Museum

"100% Africa" ​​at Parc de la Villette (19th stop)

This year, the 100% festival is dedicated to African culture in all its diversity. Dance, theater, music, fashion, design, exhibition, culinary creation… Shows and workshops are offered to the public.
During the festival, the Afriques Capitales exhibition presents 10 works produced especially for the festival and a panel of artists, some of whom are exhibiting for the first time in France.

Until May 28, 2017
For more information: La Villette

"Art / Africa: the new workshop" at the Louis-Vuitton Foundation (16th arrdt)

The Louis-Vuitton Foundation showcases contemporary African creation from the 80s to the present day.
On the menu, exhibitions (including one devoted to South Africa), shows, conferences on all aspects of current creation: visual arts, music, literature, poetry, cinema ...
Joint ticket for the Art / Africa and Afriques Capitales exhibitions at the Grande Halle de la Villette.

From April 26 to August 28
For more information: Fondation Louis-Vuitton

"Africa Now" at Galeries Lafayette Haussmann (9th stop)

The Galeries Lafayette welcome African designers and stylists who cross borders, invited to exhibit patterns and models for a few weeks.
On the women's side, Château rouge, located in the 18th district, presents its daring mixes between African textures and urban fashion. On the men's side, Laurence Airline presents its models as it travels between Paris and Abidjan.

Several other pop-up stores are flourishing, and, in the midst of all this, an exhibition by Marie-Ann Yemsi which gives a look at the new generation of African artists.

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