Activities, visits and outings Tel Aviv

Activities, visits and outings Tel Aviv

The Bauhaus movement

C & oeligAviv developed in the 1930s with the Jewish migrants who were fleeing the Nazi regime. Ashkenazim of German descent, they did not have the culture of the sea. No wonder then that the first Bauhaus buildings were built far from the beach, which allows them today to be fairly well preserved.

In the deviv remains the most eloquent illustration. This style developed in Germany after the First World War thanks to the Bauhaus school of art, design and architecture, created in 1919 by Walter Gropius in Weimar. The ideology of this current lies in the search for complementarity between art and industrial technologies. “The functional, here is the beautiful! "And" Down with the embellishments "could sum up the spirit.

During the wars, the school welcomed Jewish students. In 1933, as soon as they came to power, the Nazis closed the school. But the Bauhaus spirit will have had time, in just a few years, to permeate the architects of the 20th century who are dispersing across the world.

ÀAviv doubles its population in the years that follow. The city flourishes with buildings of 2 or 3 floors, mounted on stilts, with rounded angles, stripped facades and flat roofs. Among the influential architects are Joseph Neufeld, Carl Rubin and Erich Mendelsohn.

Today the city counts nearly 4 Bauhaus-style buildings. Built in concrete, some have seriously degraded. Others, on the other hand, have been admirably restored. They can be seen in Bialik streets, along Rothschild Boulevard (southern part) and around Dizengoff Square.

The beaches

From l & rsquoAviv, to the north of the city, up to & rsquoféta) and free wifi. Here is the basic package! Some also offer courses and rental of nautical equipment, a volleyball court, books to borrow ...
The sand is white and very fine. If you choose to lie down on a deckchair will inevitably arise an attendant who will ask you around 15 Shk (small supplement if you use a parasol). To spread the towel on the sand, it's free.

For backpackers alone, no problem: the pickup can be heavy at times, but not bad. Each beach has its own atmosphere, its people.

Watch out for jellyfish in summer.

Shopping and shopping

Tel Aviv has a large number of contemporary Israeli art galleries, mainly around Gordon Street, in the Neve Tsedek district, in the Shapira district (north of the Zoological Garden, east of Jaffa), as well as on the port of Jaffa. The tourist office graciously distributes a map to find your way around.


Tel Aviv by night is unlike any other city on this side of the Mediterranean. Disturbing metropolis where fashionable places are so European that we are not really disoriented. Everything goes very fast in this city in perpetual effervescence, but the strongest of the night is concentrated in the immediate vicinity of Sderot Rothschild. For those who want to dance, it's more dance bars than nightclubs.

The bars

These are the addresses where we happily hang out until midnight, 1 a.m., because there is good live music or that the beer is good. Then we continue in dance bars or clubs, it depends ...

Dance bars and nightclubs (or clubs)

In principle, entry is free on weekdays, paying on Thursday and Friday (around 100 Shk). The programming can be found on their Facebook page.

Neve Tsedek and the Florentin quarter

Since the "concrete" rages in the area, the Florentin district seems to have known its heyday in terms of night activity.
From now on, the crazy nights, it is rather on the side of Rothschild that it happens. That said, there are still a few holdouts.
As for Neve Tsedek, he always delights lovers of before and Saturday morning brunch.

Gay nightlife

InAviv, the gay community is important. Gay pride in June brings together tens of thousands of people. But here, no ghettos, and there are few exclusively gay bars.

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