Activities, Sports and Recreation United States

Activities, Sports and Recreation United States

Route 66

Nicknamed the Street of America) in the hearts of Americans. Route 66 was the setting for the movie Easy Rider and, more recently, the cartoon Cars 1, from Pixar studios.

DeMexico, Arizona and California - we forgot Kansas, crisscrossed for about twenty kilometers). In the 1930s, not even over, she saw the declassified people of the Great Depression go by, then thousands of peasant families from Oklahoma and Arkansas, condemned to exodus by the dust bowl (dust storms which destroyed cultures), all gone west in search of a better life.

All along Route 66 s & rsquoservice, roadside restaurants (the famous dinners) and rowdy neon signs...

Under the pressure of screaming and chrome-plated women. Better a Route 66 Protection Law has been promulgated!

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