Activities, sports and recreation Oman

Activities, sports and recreation Oman


Opportunities to discover new sports activities are not lacking in Oman: crossing the desert, camel races, scuba diving, sailing, water skiing, canyoning, surfing and even ice skating in an outside temperature of 45 °! There are also several gyms in town and fitness centers in international hotels.

- typically English sports disciplines are legion in Oman: cricket, golf, darts, rugby, softball, squash, tennis as well as the curious hash house harriers.

- hikes walking in the mountains and canyons are easy (but they can also be very sporty for those who wish it) thanks to the 4x4 vehicles which carry the load of the walkers.

For lovers of intense adventures, Oman offers climbs of wadis, the exploration of caves or driving in 4x4 in the eastern dunes and rocky wadis.

In the sultanate, we raise race horses for competitions which can bring fortunes to their owners. In Mudaïbi, near Sour, a “camelodrome” has been set up in the middle of the desert. We see budding jockeys under 10 years old!


Preserved seabeds and the abundance of fish make Oman a popular destination for divers. The best times for diving are before summer (April) and after (October): it is at these times that the visibility is the best. In December, January and February the sea can be a bit rough.

The seabed of the Arabian Sea near the coast is home to a very varied fauna that finds refuge in the coral reef. Licked by the waters of the Arabian Sea, the 1 km long coastline is home to numerous preserved reefs.

In addition, Oman proudly displays the title of geological gem, a natural environment which also includes underwater heritage. Massifs carved out of canyons, dunes as far as the eye can see and rich palm groves flow into the ocean, offering sumptuous landscapes made of very colorful soft corals.

With around twenty easily accessible dive sites, Muscat offers diving mainly focused on fish and flora. It is the best starting point for discovering little explored sites rich in meetings. The opportunity to discover the cave of the island of Fahal, the bay of Bandar Al Khayran and the wreck of the ship "Al-Munassir", among the most famous sites. Also in the north, the islands of Daymanyiat allow you to see schools of barracudas, batfish, manta rays (in summer), eagle rays and turtles.

Note that a little further north, the uninhabited islets of the Daymaniyat Nature Reserve are home to some of the most beautiful diving sites in the country.

Outings at sea

Whales hang out near the coast in February and March. As for dolphins, they can be observed all year round. Regarding the turtles on the beaches of Ras el Jinz, the egg-laying period is at the end of summer and until November.

Above all, do not miss a trip to sea on a dhow from Sour or Muscat, a kind of dhow that already existed at the time of Sindbad the sailor.

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