Activities, sports and recreation Micronesia

Activities, sports and recreation Micronesia

The Microné30 against Tahiti, 0-38 against Fiji and 0-46 against Vanuatu…!


With nearly 3 million km² of ocean, diving is of course in the spotlight. Some 250 species of reef fish, 172 of corals hard and 10 soft corals have been recorded. The region is even extremely famous among aficionados for the multiples wrecks of Japanese ships which sail at the bottom of the vast Truk lagoon (Chuuk).

The 16 federations of the bridge overlap an infinity of heterogeneous objects: tanks and cannons, dishes, baths, bicycles and… bones. And everywhere, a multitude of fish.

To better enjoy the wrecks of the chuuk lagoon, the ideal is to stay at the Blue Lagoon Resort, which takes care of everything.

Another flagship spot, Yap is known for its westerly dives of only 10 m deep. "Guaranteed rays", says the slogan of Yap Divers, the pioneer of diving on the island!

But the exploration does not stop there: we also meet sharks, eagle rays and the adorable and rare mandarins (dragonets), many on Rainbow Reef, just in front of Colonia. About forty of these incredibly colorful fish reside there between 3 and 7 m deep.

Let us also mention Ulithi atoll, one of the largest in the Pacific, where the USS Mississinewa rests.

Si Pohnpei Appear hammers and silky sharks at Pakin atoll (50 km)…

  • Pohnpei Eco-Adventure

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Surfing and kitesurfing

Here, surfing and kitesurfing are still practiced in a Pass way. The waves are invariably powerful, often short and fast.

Pohnpei Adventure posted 9 am-16pm).

The best season for surfing and kitesurfing extends September to early May.

For your outings, contact the Pohnpei Surf Club.


It's not that there are billions of options, but one can explore the mangroves of Pohnpei and Yap. The first ideally by going to the lost city of Nan Madol ; the second on the Tagreng canal, formerly dug under the direction of the Germans. We usually take the opportunity to take a few snorkeling breaks.


The fact that all of the land is considered private limits hiking options. That being said, it is possible to walk from village to village in Yap on condition of respecting customs (asking for the right to pass). Better still, in Kosrae and Pohnpei, real beautiful walks are possible, between tropical rainforest and volcanic peaks.

Pohnpei Adventure has published a whole series of maps and guides to explore the different nooks and crannies of the island. However, it may be wise for newcomers to contract the services of a guide.

  • Trekking Guide of Pohnpei Eco-Adventure


There, we are addressing really well-stocked portfolios. Most hotels specializing in diving also offer sea trips to track tuna, big-headed trevally (giant trevally), or some pelagics such as the superb mahimahi (dolphinfish), green when it comes out of the ocean. , and king mackerel (wahoo) - mostly present from October to May. On the Pohnpei reef, all you need to do is immerse your lure in the water to get something up within 5 minutes!

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