Activities, Sports and Recreation Canada

Activities, Sports and Recreation Canada


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The national sport par excellence is the ice Hockey. The 1st match codified only for the atmosphere.

In the other sports department, the baseball arrives good 2nd. Then comes the canadian football, to ball. As to Beach football, which is called soccer here, it is gaining ground, especially in schools (because it requires little equipment).

Otherwise, kayak and Rafting come first. Also the ski, or the surf on the waves of the Pacific, in Tofino.

National and provincial parks

Currently, there are 47 national parks in Canada, as well as many protenic areas, etc.

Respect nature : in parks, do not smoke, do not cut anything and pick up your rubbish et do not feed the animals. It's forbidden anyway.

Not all national parks are open year round, and if they are, services are reduced out of season.

  • For entrance fees and passes, see Money and Budget in Canada.

Maps and brochures are available free of charge at the entrance, in French if you wish, because the national parks are administered by the federal government, which is officially bilingual.

As to provincial parks, many close from mid-October to May or have reduced activity and services (especially campsites) out of season. Their entry may or may not be paid. 

The rocky mountains

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Crossing the Rockies is the highlight of a trip to Canada. From Banff to Jasper, you are launched on a course of more than 400 km, on a beautiful highway which offers unforgettable panoramas, always varied. Don't hesitate to leave the comfort of the road. Go explore the natural wonders on foot.
You will need to spend several days if you want to fully benefit from the possibilities of hikes, ofanimal life observation, raft and D'tourist excursions that the park offers. There is something for everyone, from the hike of a few hours to the hike of several days.
Numerous campsites and youth hostels are set up along the route.
Don't hesitate to leave for the Rockies in June or September.

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