Activities, sports and recreation Australia

Activities, sports and recreation Australia

The practice of sport is anchored in surfing. And when they don't go to the stadium to cheer on their favorite team, they end up in bars or pubs to watch the competitions on TV.

Australian football (footy)

More than a sport, Australian Rules Football is a true religion in Australia ! You only have to see the number of pages devoted to this discipline in the newspapers to realize it. Founded in 1857, Australian football is a mixture of football and rugby between two teams of 2 players on an oval pitch or a cricket pitch. The objective is to register as many goals as possible between 18 posts. Sensitive souls refrain !

Footy is a violent sport. The clashes between players are impressive, frequent injuries and fights sometimes break out. Also observe the referees waving their arms in all directions during fouls ... Really funny.

In any case, if you have the opportunity, do not missTo attend a game. The atmosphere in the stadiums is exceptional (especially at the ANZ in Sydney, with its 84 wild spectators!). Regular retransmission of matches in bars and pubs where the public likes to bet on their favorite team.


For the past twenty years, soccer (the football we know) has on the rise. Consequence of the good results of the Australian national team (the Socceroos) and the creation of the professional A League in 2005 (eight-team championship). A championship that is attracting more and more renowned foreign players (Alessandro Del Piero, Pablo Contreras, Romario, Robbie Fowler or the French William Gallas and Matthieu Delpierre).


Less known in Europe than rugby union, rugby union is a very popular sport in Australia. In this configuration, 2 3rd line positions are eliminated: this creates additional spaces on the pitch, making this sport even more impressive. Both sports have their own rules. Traditionally, the rugby union is presented as the sport of the working class and the rugby union (also very popular in the country) as that of the middle and wealthy layers.

The “Kangaroos” - the national rugby union team - dominate international competitions while the “Wallabies”, for rugby union, have been among the best teams in the world since the 1990s.


This unpack opposes 2 Zealand, its eternal rival.


Cricket is ball is in the United States. This team bat sport, which is played on an oval grassy field, is one of the most followed and practiced activities in the country ! A sport that combines team tactics and individual precision.

Six teams, each representing an Australian state, compete in national competitions. Matches can sometimes last for long hours, and even several days!

Prefer Big Bash League matches, a Twenty 20 cricket tournament (the shorter version of the game). The games last 3 hours maximum. And then nothing prevents you from practicing cricket during your free time: Australians will take pleasure in explaining the rules (quite simple) to you and making you participate in an amateur match.


The image of the Australian surfer scrutinizing the wave from the beach, his board under his arm, is not a myth. Surfing stands out as national sport par excellence. It is part of the culture of the country. Some even say that children know how to hold on a board before they can walk! Watching the surfers tame the rollers is a spectacle in itself.

We find a lot of world famous spots in the country: those of the Gold Coast in Queensland (the undisputed paradise for surfers), Byron Bay, Bondi Beach and Newcastle in New South Wales or even Bells Beach in Victoria (the Rip Curl Pro competition takes place there every year).

The best time to surf in Australia is winter (May to September). And if you want to introduce yourself to the pleasure of surfing, there are many surf schools all over the country.


Australia is a nation of swimmers. No wonder then to find, even a stone's throw from the sea, indoor or outdoor swimming pools (the most famous - the Bondi Icebergs Club - can be found at Bondi Beach, Sydney). Huge freshwater swimming pool in Cairns too - the Cairns Esplanade Swimming Lagoon - located by the sea and very popular with locals.

In most large cities, you can even find outdoor pools for swimming on the top floors of office or apartment buildings. And between 2 meetings: hop, a splash in the water! There are lifesaving sport competitions.

A sport born in Australia, inspired by professional coastal rescue. Fun and physical, it is above all a civic activity, very widespread in schools across the country. The events take place both in the sea (towing a dummy to the surface, swimming avoiding obstacles, reaching a buoy with your surfboard) and on the beach (running in the sand).


L & rsquoGarros, Wimbledon and the US Open). A few days before, another event of the ATP circuit is held: the Sydney tournament.

Winter sports

Yes, also known as Snowy Mountains), where snow falls in abundance.

Lawn bowling

Comes from bowling green and is similar to the old Breton or Lyon ball. This lawn bowling is now part of popular culture. Practiced mainly by the senior population, but we find more and more followers among young people. Bowls are played on a grassy surface, often outdoors.

Same principle as in pétanque: you have to throw balls as close as possible to a target.

Horse races

One of the favorite pastimes of Australians. They love parier. The entrance fee to the racetracks (many in the country) is really very affordable and the atmosphere, boosted, is worth the detour.

The race not to be missed? The Melbourne Cup, one of the biggest horse races in the world which takes place on the first Tuesday in November ... On this occasion, the day is a public holiday in the State of Victoria. Each year, more than 100 people come to Melbourne's Flemington Racecourse to attend.

In parallel, a carnival colorful and a (renowned) hat competition are organized in the city. In another register, you can also attend greyhound races (very popular) in the south of the country.


These are the Australian slot machines, or "one-armed bandits". There are over 200 in the country! They are freely accessible in many establishments (especially pubs). In fact, there is a real craze among Australians for gambling: casino, turf, sports betting ... Poker was also popularized in Australia long before Europe, with in particular the world champion Joe Hachem, who won the World Series of Poker in 000. 

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