Activities, sports and leisure Turkey

Activities, sports and leisure Turkey

Pleasure boats

The Turkish coast is exceptional for boating, especially between Kuşadası and Antalya. The relief is tormented, rich in a multitude of coves and sheltered bays, wild and peaceful islets, and turquoise waters. Admittedly, where agglomerations develop, it becomes hard concrete, but part of the coast, difficult to access by road, has remained quite wild.

The most classic of cruises is the Blue Cruise (Mavi Yolculuk) along the Aegean or Mediterranean coast. This cruise can be done either by schooner or sailing boat, usually departing from Kuşadası, Bodrum, Marmaris, Göcek or Antalya. In a schooner, you will be accompanied by an on-board team; in sailing boat, you can rent with or without a crew. Many agencies offer these cruises.

When to sail on the Turkish coast?

The best season for boating in the Eastern Sea is tremidi. The time is then tremulous).



Football is almost a religion for the Turks! In the evening, they let off steam in "street football", which is played in truncated teams of 6 or 7 players. Each great victory, national or international, gives rise to explosions of general joy. Boats sound the siren, motorists honk their horns, and everyone is in the street, pennants in hand.

The fight

Traditional sport of the country, Roman wrestling has garnered many medals for the country.

Without forgetting theweightlifting, with its famous Olympic champions, Naim Süleymanoğlu and Halil Mutlu!

Nature and adventure

Sea, mountain, forests and plateaus crossed by many rivers allow the practice of a multitude of outdoor activities: hiking, cruising, windsurfing, catamaran, diving, rafting, sea kayaking, canyoning, horse riding, paragliding, golf and, in winter, skiing and snowshoeing.

Le trekking is practiced throughout the country and especially in Cappadocia (also a region of choice for horseback riding and mountain biking). Hiking enthusiasts will not fail to embark on the “Royal Lycian Way”, a magnificent marked hiking trail for nearly 500 km between Antalya and Fethiye.

- cruise over the lagoon of Olüdeniz, near Fethiye, or Mount Tahtalı, near Kemer, the Alpine skiing in Uludağ, near Bursa, or in Kartalkaya, between Istanbul and Ankara, the snowshoes in Central Anatolia.

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