Activities, sports and leisure Serbia

Activities, sports and leisure Serbia

Sports and Serbia don't necessarily mix well in most people's minds. At most, we agree to find qualities in the national basketball and volleyball teams, accustomed to world podiums, and to the footballers of the Red Star in Belgrade… which shine a little less these days. The national passion for water polo, for example, is unfairly ignored!

Mountain sports

Summer sports

Still, the country, with its vast natural spaces, lends itself well to the practice of certain mountain sports. In summer, hiking, climbing, paragliding, mountain biking, horseback riding and caving are the order of the day, particularly in national parks.

The national park of Fruska Gora is established around high hills (539 m) renowned for their vineyards, a few kilometers from Novi Sad. The Djerdap, undoubtedly the most beautiful, stretches all along the parade of the Iron Gates on the Danube. The Tara park is for its part in the south-west of the country, against Bosnia, and that of Kopaonik against the Kosovar border. Its mountains are the highest, with an alternation of beautiful forests and alpine meadows above 1 m. From the top of Pancicév vrh (2 m), we discover a vast panorama over neighboring Kosovo. The lazy ones will climb there by the chairlift and come back down on foot to swallow blueberries on the way.

Water sports

Rafting et kayak are practiced on the Drina (Tara park), in the Uvac canyon with its many meanders (where caving is also practiced), and even more on the Tara, in neighboring Montenegro (see our sheet). You can even descend the Drina by wooden raft from Perucac!

Winter sports

In winter, we ski in Serbia. The main station, Kopaonik, has 44 km of downhill slopes of all levels, also open to snowboarders. The package costs around 23 € per day. There is a fun park for the half pipe, a jumping hill and 20 km of cross-country course.

Free ride and paragliding will appeal to thrill seekers. As for the polluters at heart, they will treat themselves to a snowmobile ride ... Equipment can be rented on site: from 6 to 10 € per day approximately.
Stara Planina, close to the Bulgarian border, is in full development. In line of sight: 100 km of slopes.


Even if official history has retained the jump of a Frenchman in 1797 as the origin of parachuting, some Yugoslavs claim to be the inventors ... in the person of a certain Augusto Franchich, who jumped from the top of the tower of Rijeka ( today in Croatia) at the end of the Middle Ages!

Either way, Serbs seem to like to sway in the void: from the top of a tower perhaps, from a plane or from a (bungee) bridge more certainly.

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