Activities, sports and leisure Santorini

Activities, sports and leisure Santorini

Walks and excursions from Fira

Superb walk to Firosté15 min). On the left, pretty chapel of Agiou Stylianou. Shortly before reaching the central square, we see on the right the charming Agii Théodori church, dedicated to the Virgin, identifiable by its blue dome and its 3-bell tower.

One can, from Fira, access it, dominating the caldera. Beautiful at sunset!

For the bravest, there is a crust and a hat.

Caique excursions to Kaménès

All the agencies sell excursions for de22 2h30), the volcano and a swim in the hot springs (28-30 4h) or a longer outing including the 40h7), for which we are ge30 above are only 50h, from the port of Fira (much more expensive).

On the large island, you can swim in a small bay where the sulphurous water is naturally hot. The boat does not dock, you have to dive from the bridge! Poor swimmers will not necessarily be very comfortable.

Akrotiri archaeological site 

The site has a bioclimatic roof and gateways allowing you to go around overlooking the ruins, which are very close (a few cross passages). The discovery of "Greek Pompeii" (however much more modest than the Italian site) is due to the stubbornness of a Greek archaeologist, Spyridon Marinatos.
He arrived around 1960 on the ground. When he finally obtains the authorization to undertake the excavations, Marinatos, who does not want to hear about the myth of Atlantis, immediately fixes himself on Akrotiri. From 1967 to 1974, he made some extraordinary discoveries there. In 1974, a few months after the fall of the colonels, he died on the site, the victim of an attack. He is buried there.

Ancient Thera 

Cette big dead city is a field of ruins of 800 above Kamari and Perissa.

- Dorians C. and, 600 years later, the Ptoléhaut, double view on Kamari and PéC.) Representing lion, eagle and dolphin.

Beyond, the ruins date mostly from the Hellenistic and Roman eras. But nothing remains of the statues which adorned the agora, and hardly any more of the buildings.

nice theater, in front of the sea.

- Tips: bring bottles of water, because on site, it is expensive, as well as good shoes, because the rock is slippery in places.

Some local products from Santorini

The local specialties are fava (puree of gesses, kinds of lentils), white eggplants, cherry tomatoes (tomatini), cucumbers (katsounia), capers and chloro (goat cheese).

To be washed down with an assyrtiko or a nykteri, 2 excellent dry white wines from the region, then a vinsanto (sweet wine), a dessert wine or ... mass! The vineyards of Santorini are among the oldest in the world because phylloxera has never made it here. The beast hates sand.

Religious festivals at the Profitis Ilias monastery

The monastery, where a handful of monks live, is planted at the top of the highest point of the island (567 m), between television relays and “carcinogenic” radars, as a panel reminds us ... Swallowed by the clouds least disturbance, it spends the winter in drafts and surrounds itself with an enclosure which opens only during religious celebrations and certain services.

The 20 July, feast day of the prophet Ilias, visitors are offered bread, cheese, tomatoes and wine. But it is during Holy Week that religious fervor is at its peak, on Orthodox Easter Saturday, during the procession of the Epitaphios, when Pyrgos is illuminated by thousands of candles.

The rest of the time, you can only access the Agios Nektarios chapel (from 9 am to sunset), from where the view is not bad either!

Spot to party

In Perivolos. It is the natural extension of Perissa, a front bus station when coming from Fira. The beach is a little more "airy", but also lined with many trendy day (and night) bars, lounge style, where the parties are in full swing.

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