Activities, sports and leisure Mexico

Activities, sports and leisure Mexico

Catch - Lucha libre

Introduced through deromaine during the French occupation in 1863, Mexican wrestling has now achieved its acclaim. After a few years of neglect, the lucha libre, a great popular tradition par excellence, has made a comeback. Mexican wrestling differs from American wrestling by its more aerial style. In the ring, the luchadors, masked malabars, dressed in a mega kitsch costume, fight in the name of Good and Evil, each wrestler embodying one of these eternal forces.
It's always the good guy who wins, while the bad guy must leave the ring with boos. The hero is certainly victorious, but after having received many blows and suffered spectacular catches.
The wrestlers have names evoking their supernatural origin. For these heroes from another age, the mask is essential.
The crowd is jubilant. Tickets are cheap. It is the typically popular spectacle, which attracts all generations.


Trèci having the particularity of counting only Mexican players (foreigners are not admitted!).

Particularity there, the federation does not have a say. Last thing, the salaries of Mexican footballers are so high that they would never think of coming to play in Europe!

Side, women's football, the " Green ”(So nicknamed because of the color of its jersey) is one of the best teams in the region behind the Americans and Canadians. She reached the Gold Cup final twice (in 2 and in 1988).

Diving and snorkelling

The waters of the Caribbean Sea in particular, with their colorful fish, and the cenotes of Yucatán are internationally renowned for diving or snorkelling.

Hiking, mountain biking or horseback riding

Many natural sites and other protected reserves offer the possibility of practicing these leisure activities. Whether it is to observe the fauna and flora (reserve of monarch butterflies or Calakmul) or to meet the local populations (Tzotziles villages of Chiapas).

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