Activities, sports and leisure Jordan

Activities, sports and leisure Jordan

The plunge water

Why not take advantage of these remarin?

Diving in Jordan

Widely freed in the years by Commander Cousteau.
Today, the Red Sea has become one of the most popular diving destinations in the world. The exploration conditions are ideal: water temperature between 21 and 29 ° C, remarkable clarity and depths accessible to beginners and experienced alike. Divers can dip their fins in it all year round. Prefer however the months of April and May for the pleasant climate and fairly calm winds. On the Jordanian side, the Gulf of Aqaba delivers a coral reef bursting with richness and life.

King Abdullah, passionate mariner, is personally involved in the protection of this fragile environment.

Much of the Jordanian coastline falls within the Aqaba Marine Park, divers are disproportionate to the real dangers.

Golden rule: absolutely respect this delicate environment. Do not feed the fish, do not touch anything, and be careful where you put your fins!

Dive centers

All clubs are affiliated, depending on their area of ​​influence, to one or more international organizations. The two most important are the CMAS, World Confederation of Underwater Activities (of French origin), and PADI, Professional Association of Diving Instructors (of American origin).

The PADI pedagogy is efficient (video lessons), but the practice in diving remains more limited. It does not integrate the bearings. As a result, no diving below 40 m and diving times short enough to comply with their safety curves.

In “influenced” regions, the majority of clubs dive American style, tending to a certain standardization: the duration and depth of the dives are very calibrated.

If the club does not recognize it is to check your level. In case of a request for a medical certificate, the club can advise you on a doctor in the area. All clubs issue a logbook. Remember to always take this "passport" when traveling.
A good diving center is a center which respects all the safety rules without neglecting the pleasure.

How to choose a diving center?

- Inquire: you pay to dive; in return, you have to get the best benefits.

- Mévous a club that takes you on board without any prior question about your diving level, your history and your medical situation; he is not "nice" but dangerous.

- Check the diplomas of monitors and assistants (not always obvious).

- Watch if the center is apparently well maintained (rust, cleanliness, etc.), if the safety equipment (oxygen, first aid kit, radio, etc.) is present ...

- Are the eyes well adapted and in sufficient quantity?

- Does the monitor dive or is it a friend?

- How is one instructor per diver or one for 4? In the second case, it is an initiation.

- How long does a dive last 1 hour depending on its air consumption, the difference is access to the spot, which is then done by boat. However, most spots are 100 m from the coast, accessible with just a few strokes of the fins, the price difference is therefore largely overestimated for the effort required!


In reality, there are only dromedaries in Jordan (a single bump). They are called "camels" by abuse of language. The use is the same: mount or beast of burden, it is the best friend of the man of the desert. His physical capacities allow him not to drink for more than 2 weeks in a row.

Jemels (or gamals) live about 25 years; madame fertile from 4 years, always in winter, and carries for 12 months. Nomads let their mounts wander all summer long in search of food. When the climate becomes mild again, the camel driver very easily finds his herd around a water point.

It is by leaving Amman to go south that you will meet your first dromedaries. Most tourist sites offer walks: Dead Sea, Petra, Aqaba beaches. But it is in the Wadi Ram, in the middle of the desert, that you can try a real experience worthy of Lawrence of Arabia ...

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