Activities, sports and leisure Fiji Islands

Activities, sports and leisure Fiji Islands

Let's be frank: we don't come to Fiji to run the marathon, but rather to forget ourselves on a deserted beach and bask endlessly, before soaking in water exceeding 26 ° C, 28 ° C and sometimes even 30 ° C. However, one can practice a surprising number of activities - undoubtedly motivated by the immoderate taste of Australians and Kiwis for outdoor activities of all kinds.


On December XNUMX) the sea is calmest. A clarification for beginners: diving spots (including with mask and snorkel) are often far from the coast, with the feeling of being in the open sea.

August. Falling, hard and soft corals in abundance of multicolored colors are the rule here.

More close to 30 m deep, tiger sharks and bulldogs, attracted with great reinforcements of tuna heads… Questionable practice but rare moment.
South of Vanua Levu, the Namena Reef, protected by a marine reserve, is also worth a detour. On the surface, a tiny island shared between villagers, red-legged boobies and sea turtles. Underwater, enchantment, with as many species of fish and corals as possible, not to mention sea snakes, dolphins and the whales that cross in the area during migrations ...
À Taveuni, Somosomo Strait is famous for drift dives and the Rainbow Reef (32 km) is dotted with soft corals - you can understand why Fiji has been nicknamed "the soft coral capital of the world"! Beginners will prefer the islands of Mamanucas, including the Ratu Kini's Backpackers & Dive Resort. And there are still a multitude of other spots, to discover depending on the islands visited.



We hardly know about Viti Levu, but rather reef breaks corpulent (some exceeding 10 m in season), often located several kilometers offshore!
This is the case, in particular, of Frigates Passage and Cloud Break, so appreciated by the legendary Kelly Slater. The disadvantage of these spots is that they are not accessible to beginners and difficult to reach: you must therefore plan a significant budget for boat transfers, even if some resorts located on the nearest small islands are are specialized in this activity.

Kadavu Island also has a handful of surf resorts.

Kayaking and rafting

Le kayak is practiced everywhere around the îresorts and along the côi-Ra (in the north), with seven beaches on the program and hei-Ra is also very popular for the kitesurf and windsurf ; the trade winds blow there with force and constancy between the months of June and January.

In addition to kayaking, excursions by jet boat, classic boat or even bilibili (bamboo raft) allow you to go up or down the great rivers of Viti Levu - in particular Sigatoka, Navua and Luva. These outings are often accompanied by a visit to a traditional village, with a kava ceremony.


Hikers, local operators.

Not too far from Lautoka, Abaca is the access door to Koroyanitu park, a development project centered on hiking, which brings together around fifty villages. From there, you can walk for the day or reach the summit of Mount Batilamu, where it is possible to spend the night before going back down the next day (around 100 F $). Please note, all these hikes are also necessarily guided.

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From Suva, solo walks to i-Suva (with 6,5 km of trails and several waterfalls, however, of course you are safe: (rare) attacks have occurred on these routes. On the south coast of Viti Levu, the Sigatoka dunes, in Olympian calm, offers the opportunity for a nice solo stroll, but it is difficult to speak of a “hike”.

Otherwise, head to the island of Taveuni, who decided to play the ecotourism card!

Other sports and leisure

Viti Levu has quite a few golf, in particular the 18-holes of Denarau, of l & rsquotrous, mainly on the West).
Over the small islands (superb view) with Skydive Fiji.
Close to Pacific Harbor on the south coast of Viti Levu are Fiji's only zipline (breadcrumb) facilities.

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