Activities, sports and leisure England

Activities, sports and leisure England

The English love to admit it - almost true (with the notable exception of the polo shirt, developed in the mountains of Pakistan).
There are, however, many sports that the British have never managed to export, such as cheese rolling, for example, which has been practiced on Cooper's Hill since the XNUMXth century. There are many more from the same barrel, and we will not talk about throwing tree trunks since it is a Scottish game ...

Another national sport: Paris on anything and everything. The bookmakers - a private institution in Brittany - have taken bets on the sex and first names of royal babies, on the country which will host the next Olympics or quite simply on the time of the next day.


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If the former colonies of the empire got involved and constitute serious adversaries, this sport with imperceptible subtleties and complex rules, often remains obscure in the eyes of foreigners.


Largely inspired tennis, as it was first called, was deposited in 1874 by Major Wingfield. In 1875, it was in a large meadow in the suburbs of London, in Wimbledon, that the 1st club and its grounds were set up. The first tournament will be played there in July 1.

Darts (darts)

In the pub, we always play darts. Their origin dates back to the Hundred Years War. Legend has it that one day, when the weather was bad, the English archers, sheltered under a barn, amused themselves by throwing arrows at the edge of a wooden block; they came to shorten their projectiles to obtain darts (the word is French), close to current darts. The divisions into sectors of the modern target would be inspired by the grain of wood. Thus was born this famous game with more complicated rules than it seems.


Women are crazy about bingo, especially the old ladies. This lottery-like game is typical of England. Each city has its own, in the city center. You absolutely have to take a look (at the end of the day in Deep Brittany. You have to see the facilitator state the numbers drawn at random.


One of England's national sports, West London, remains a unique experience.


The Premier League (top 20 clubs) draws crowds. We meet at matches with fervor (a little too much sometimes!), Or in pubs to share the exploits of players from Liverpool, Manchester, Chelsea and others.


The main spots are located in the west of the country, particularly in Cornwall (Porthleven). Others in Dorset, Bournemouth, and Devon. But the must is Newquay in Cornwall, where a few international competitions are held every year.

Walking and hiking

Walking fans will be delighted, the English are pros in the field. Devon, Cornwall, the North between Sheffield and Manchester (Peak District), Yorkshire, Wales or the Lake District are all great hiking spots. We also appreciate the moor of the New Forest, in the south of the country, where we walk among the wild animals.

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