Activities, sports and leisure Crete

Activities, sports and leisure Crete


Difficult to garbage and to clean ...

Officially, in 2019, almost all of the bathing water in Greece was clean. 515 Greek beaches were awarded the famous flag, which is the second best score in the world, just behind Spain and far ahead of France!
These beaches are distributed very unevenly. In Crete, 115 blue flags were awarded in 2019 (35 in Chania department, 17 in Rethymno department, 26 in Heraklion department and 37 in the east, in Lassithi department).


Until sailors who would have passed under the nose of the Greek authorities. Today, you can dive anywhere, except on archaeological sites and military areas, listed and few. Do not try to bypass it by diving on forbidden sites, you risk ending up in jail!

If you want to dive with your own equipment, it is possible but it is really the obstacle course (customs clearance, request to the port authorities ...). Very few divers do. We therefore recommend going through a diving center.

Where to dive in Crete?

La Crèest d'Héouest. The sites of'Agia Pelagia and Bali premarin is the richest, when the temperature is the highest.

Trekking and hiking

Crete is known for its many trekking possibilities, in particular thanks to the numerous gorges that conceal the beautiful landscapes of the island. You will never be able to say that you are far from the starting point of a hike or a beautiful walk! And then Crete, the real one, truly opens up through its innumerable valleys, ravines, escarpments, gorges and caves that dot the landscape. Thus, during a good walk under the sun, one can pass from the arid landscape of a parched gorge to that of an entire valley of olive groves or else suddenly come to a small coastal village on the edge of the Libyan Sea, ideal for taking a dip ... Along the way, you will pass through places steeped in history and mythology and at least once you will come across a temple, a church or ancient ruins.

Those who would like to embark on the adventure should know that one of the difficulties lies in the provision of water and food. In no case do you leave without serious logistical preparation (we recommend that you get information from hiking professionals).

Several hikes can also be combined with each other if you have the right physical condition. Departing from certain villages, the proposed walks are often easy. Otherwise, small welcoming addresses provide you with ideas for hikes, with supporting maps. It is during these walks in the Cretan “maquis” that you will undoubtedly collect the most smiles and surprised looks.

The most interesting treks are to be done in the western part of the island, which is wilder, more mountainous and less developed, but there are still some in the eastern part. The most famous trek is to descend the Samaria Gorge, they are even among the most impressive in Europe. However, Samaria is extremely crowded in summer. Some are just as spectacular as the Aradéna gorges, which require some rock climbing basics. Others, on the other hand, do not pose any particular problem (Valley of the Dead to Kato Zakros, for example).

Finally, there is in Crèouest, Kato Zakros, to the East. This corresponds to 320 km of walking, not always easy.

Safety tips

- Never trek in gorges during or just after rainy days. With heat, cliffs tend to crack more quickly and the risk of landslides is real and frequent.

- Do not overestimate your physical condition. It can be really exhausting to walk in the sun and over rough, even slippery terrain for several hours. The best hours for walking are from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. We repeat, but it is important, to leave with enough water and some provisions to restore energy.

- Never do a trek alone for reasons below). Let us also remember that in Crete (as in Greece in general) little is done for hiking: no stopover lodges spread over the routes, not many supply possibilities, trail marking is not always easy.

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