Activities, sports and leisure Champagne-Ardenne

Activities, sports and leisure Champagne-Ardenne


The Ardennes with its 5 km of marked trails.

Champagne and the Ardennes have Grande RandonnéJacques de Compostelle trails, which meander 819 km from Namur (Belgium) to the Ardennes for 460 km, from the north of the Ardennes to the south of the Aube via the Marne. Numerous secondary pathways are grafted onto this backbone.

- Consult the official website for tourism in Champagne-Ardenne.

- And then, for those who do not want to follow in everyone's footsteps, we recommend a very well done site, created by a great hiker: There are 6 walks and hikes in Champagne, including 3 circuits in the heart of Reims. Even more original, no doubt, and still on the same site, two tourist circuits departing from Reims by car.

Sports and leisure in the Ardennes

The relief of the Ardennes, with its green oceans, rivers, hiking trails and climate, is the setting for a wide range of sports activities. The playground is endless and allows you to indulge in your favorite sport, tasting the thrills, experimenting with new areas or just having fun. The efficient infrastructures are coupled with a well-trained management to meet all requests whatever the price.

On earth

- motor sports are in Francorchamps, and the bikers are at the party on the winding roads with a thousand intoxicating bends and meet around the Mettet circuit to attend motorcycle competitions.

On 2 necks up to cushy cyclorandonneurs will find something to satisfy their passion for the little queen. The tourist offices offer very well designed and updated topoguides listing all the marked routes and the list of labeled rental companies.

- walkers Inveterate people have at their disposal very complete documentation on all hiking trails, from the most demanding trekking over several days or Nordic walking to quiet walks from village to picturesque village to discover the wealth of flora and tranquility of country life.

“No hour spent in the saddle is wasted,” said Winston Churchill. Since it is the most beautiful conquest of man, a pony, a team or quite simply a nice donkey, the horse ride awaits you in many centers which can also introduce you to the joys of the profession of groom.

In winter, if the weather is snowy, ski slopes cross-country skiing and a few rare alpine ski slopes allow amateurs to indulge in skiing. And if you still prefer to walk, we will provide you with snowshoes in your size (!).

Nautical sports

- swimming places often arranged on the edge of campsites are innumerable. They allow children to frolic safely in shallow water. Without forgetting the many aquatic centers and swimming pools entertainment-oriented, with slide, sauna and solarium. One of the most popular activities in the Ardennes is to paddle actively in Rafting or to let yourself descend quietly while contemplating the landscape aboard canoes or kayaks. Rivers lend themselves wonderfully to this activity and there are many rental companies who are perfectly organized to transport their clients to their starting point after a descent. The many reservoirs allow you to learn about light sail and in some cases at the underwater diving.

Other sports and leisure

Keen on verticality, the Ardennes offers several more or less difficult sites to practiceclimbing. The banks of the Meuse are bordered by beautiful rocky cliffs with well marked paths. Equipment sometimes provided on site.

The most daring will re-enact Journey to the Center of the Earth, in the Ardennes' s & rsquosols await you.

To play Tarzan, several sites have been set up in via ferrata, tree climbing circuits with exhilarating zip line and everything to give you unforgettable sensations.

But what could be more memorable than to find yourself in the feathers of a bird and discover the country from above, whether in ULM, glider or hang-glider. The Ardennes landscapes in all their splendor and diversity will be all the more attractive.

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