Activities, sports and leisure Brittany

Activities, sports and leisure Brittany

Hiking in Brittany

Brittany has 5 km of trails to walk. We must distinguish different types of routes:

Some of these loop paths run along the canals using the old towpaths.

- The coastal path or customs officers (GR 34) is subject to special protection by the Coastal Conservatory in certain sectors. It is subject to attendance regulations when crossing ornithological reserves, such as at Cape Fréhel or Cape Sizun. It obliges residents of the public maritime domain to leave a passage of 3 m between the limit of their property and that of the highest water.

- Breton long-distance hiking trails (GR 3, 34, 341, 342, 37, 38, 39) are marked with white and red. They go from one point to another, but returning on the same path allows you to appreciate the difference in landscapes, especially on the coast.

- Country trails (GRP) are marked in yellow and red. They are looped and allow a more cultural knowledge of the country, over a journey of about a week. Let us mention the Gallo country trail around Loudéac, the tour of the Arrée mountains from Huelgoat, the tour of the Black Mountains around Gourin, the tour of the Brocéliande forest near Rennes, etc.

- The very many walking and hiking trails are marked with yellow or sometimes other themed colors. They offer tours departing from tourist points or stopover lodges. Their duration ranges from approximately 1 hour to a maximum of the day. These are the ideal trails to be followed with the family or by little walkers.
For all these trails, the duration of the route is estimated based on a walk of 4 km per hour without stops. And don't forget the photo stops!

The horse riding

It is not always impossible to go on horseback where one passes on foot. The route Equibreizh offers more than 2 km of marked circuits. At each stage, accommodation adapted to riders and their mounts. For everything related to equestrian tourism and the Equibreizh trails.

The bike

Cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts, revous: with more than 1 km of cycle routes and greenways developed, Brittany is a land of cycling! From the Channel to the Atlantic Ocean, 9 major cycle routes and greenways cross the region, from renowned cities to unspoiled natural spaces.
Safe and comfortable, they spin on the towpaths of canals and rivers, on old railroad ballast and on small quiet roads along the coast.

The Vélodyssée

Along the Atlantic coast from Roscoff to HendayeIs the longest cycle route in France (1 km, including the majority in green way).

This long cycle path takes root in the deciduous forests of Finistère, follows the pleasant banks of the canal from Brest to Nantes, allows you to stroll through the streets of Redon, a crossroads of waterways, then merges with the Atlantic coast (385 km for connect Nantes) before arriving in the Basque Country. An ecological way to cross France from north to south, in gentle roaming!

EuroVelo 4

L & rsquoBrieuc, cape FréSaint-Michel ...

On the canals

Brittany, with its 600 km of canals and navigable rivers, has an exceptional river network, which crisscrosses the region from east to west and from north to south. Everything is color in Brittany: the rivers shaped in granite, pink sandstones and purple schists; and the contrast with the flowery locks is all the more striking.

Shore and river fishing

Because in Brittany the tides are among the highest in Europe, they attract vacationers and shellfish enthusiasts. However, be careful with the consumption of shellfish.
Better to inquire beforehand at the town hall of your vacation spot or at the Regional Health Agency.

- In North Brittany: for the salmon, the Ed'Armor) and the Aulne in its lower course of Armor).

- In southern Brittany, several rivers delight fishermen and lovers of trout, salmon, pike. In Morbihan, let us quote the Blavet, the Scorff river and the Ellé; in southern Finistère, the Odet river, near Quimper, or even the Goyen.

Hiking and nautical trips

With its 2 km of côMalo by kayak, or even flirt with the pink rocks of Ploumanac & rsquoup paddle: to each his own style and rhythm to discover the coastline in a different way and enjoy new points of view.

Board sports

The wind n & rsquoBrieuc or Norman-Breton gulf) and these coves where the wind does not have time to lift the waves are conducive to the practice of these sports.

Heritage sailboats

In Brittany, 48 traditional sailboats offer sea trips accessible to all. Perfect for learning to navigate, on pretty boats!

The plunge water

The Breton seabed is rich in German espèmarins and the boat that was used to transport the Statue of Liberty!

In return, humility is required to approach the countless spots in the region, because storms, tides and currents do not forgive either unconsciousness or neglect. Diving in Brittany thus requires a very serious technical training.

- Weather : good weather is essential for diving.
Ideal period: from april to october, with a temperature of around 17 ° C on the surface (at the bottom, the water is colder). There are generally sheltered spots according to each weather regime. Watch out for the strong westerly swell.

- Tides : essential factor with which to juggle. In general, one dives at slack (short time when the sea does not rise or fall) to avoid violent tidal currents. At slack at open sea, better visibility, and more fish.

- The currents : violent and generated by the tides, they are amplified by the geography of the site (Ouessant, Brest, Gulf of Morbihan).

- Underwater life: rich and varied. Certain species display a systematic presence on the spots: anemones, sponges, seabass, pollack, cakes, sea urchins ...

- Golden Rule : respect this fragile environment.

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