Activities, sports and leisure Abu Dhabi

Activities, sports and leisure Abu Dhabi

Emirate's oil.

Pools for water skiing and wakeboarding, karting, clay pigeon shooting and paintball, football stadium, basketball and beach volleyball lessons, skating rink, bowling… you can find almost everything within these state-of-the-art facilities.

Nautical sports

Of course, there are the beaches. White sand. Often interminable. And generally intolerable in the middle of the day, as the reverberation of the sun is intense. Moreover, in the middle of summer, the water in the Persian Gulf rises to 34 ° C, that's to say! We therefore bathe rather early in the morning or at the end of the day.

Around 500 Dhs / pers depending on the location, more expensive in general).

Fortunately, there is also the pretty public beach of 75 Dhs with deck chair, parasol and access to the capital, the festive souls meet on the beach of Blue Marlin Ibiza, for brunch hosted by a DJ.

Most water sports are practiced on the côup-paddle (SUP) and sailing are popular with visitors, but don't imagine surfing: the waves are almost unknown in the gulf!

As for diving, do not expect miracles: on the outskirts of the city, the seabed is quite damaged. You can nevertheless have fun with a mask and a snorkel.

Several local TOs offer kayak trips in the mangroves near the city (you can also rent them at Yas Beach).

Land sports

Land-based, but mostly by the sea, Abu Dhabi's six publicly accessible golf courses have nothing to envy of the major international courses.

L & rsquo350 Dhs).

More local, the wadi bashing consists of masterful trips in the dunes aboard overpowered 4x4s. Ancestral magic of the landscape and love of the latest mechanics: here are two great Emirati passions ... Novices will do better to go on an organized tour rather than attempting the adventure with a rental 4x4: barrels are not uncommon when 'we descend without knowing the sandy slopes.

To play it more environmentally friendly, we can just try our hand at sandboarding or the family sand skiing, even add a night under the stars or camping in the desert. Some excursions include a camel ride, a traditional buffet and / or a falcon flight demonstration. But, here, we are moving away from the sports section!

See also sports and recreation in the United Arab Emirates, especially dromedary races.

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