Activities, leisure and outings Krakow

Activities, leisure and outings Krakow

Classical concerts, operas and ballets: where to go out in Krakow?

- Krakow Philharmonic Orchestra (Karol Szymanowski Philharmonic end ... but unfortunately not in summer!

- Słowacki Theater: Break in summer. Why not combine the discovery of a sumptuous hall, built in 1893 and inspired by the Palais Garnier, with the pleasure of attending a ballet or a grand spectacle of the Polish repertoire? Operas are rarer, exiguity obliges.

Parties and festivals

As the busy catalog of Krakow events is subject to variations, it is more than advisable to check the dates on the and websites.

See also the cultural agenda of Krakow


- Christmas cribs in Krakow (szopki) : a local tradition for which the whole town rummages in its garbage cans in search of materials to “tinker with”, with an infinite taste for detail, scenes of the Nativity and models of churches. The most represented is the voluminous Kościół Mariacki Church. The winners of the competition for the most beautiful crèche have their work exhibited throughout the month of January in the city's History museum, which then incorporates the best creations into its permanent collection.


- International Festival of Sailors' Songs: end of February. One of the best of its kind.

- National Festival of Animated Films: in March. The Poles are very good at this.

- Bach Days: in March. Organized by the Krakow Conservatory of Music.

- Misteria Paschalia Festival in early April. Early music festival on the theme of Easter and Holy Week.

April May

- Old and Young Festival - Jazz in Krakow »: in April.

- Krakow Museums Night: in May.

- Month of photography in early May.

- Lesser Poland Heritage Days: in May. Visit of places and buildings generally closed to the public.

- Krakow Film Festival in early June.

June July August

- Do not miss the famous Lajkonik procession, which takes us back 7 centuries, when, in the XNUMXth century, the Tatar hordes swept over the city. Lajkonik, who today is no more than a folkloric character fitted on a carnival horse, was once this proud boatman who, after his victory over the khan, donned the attire of his adversary to parade triumphantly from the church from the Norbertines (kościół Norbertanek), in the suburb of Zwierzyniec, to the Rynek. The current costume is a copy of the one created by Stanislas Wyspiański, an artist from the beginning of the XNUMXth century, and kept in the Historical Museum.

- Krakow City Day: in June.

- Encounters with Jewish culture: June. Concerts, conferences and exhibitions in the Kazimierz district.

- Festival of Jewish culture in early July, in the Kazimierz district. Concerts, exhibitions, theater and cinema. A real curiosity in a Poland emptied of its Jewish inhabitants.

- International concert festival from June to July. Within the walls of the bucolic Tyniec Abbey, perched on a rock on the banks of the Vistula a few kilometers west of Krakow.

- Traditional music festival: in July.

- Wawel in August. Every week, a classical concert at the castle.

- Old Town Music Festival: in August. Real setting in music of old Krakow.

- Cracovia Sacra: August 15th. A sacred night ... and a sacred night, not to be missed, with visits to monasteries and cloisters usually closed, plus concerts in churches.

- August pierogi festival. Tasting stands on Szczepanski Square, folk music concerts, friendly and friendly atmosphere.

-Coke Music Festival: in August. Every year welcomes big names in current music.


- Sacrum Profanum Festival: in September. Classical music festival dedicated each year to a different country. The final concert benefits from the excellent acoustics of the Nowa Huta foundry.


International bookstores

- Empik uns in English).

- Księgarnia Edukator: THE French bookstore in Krakow. Also reviews and Polish methods.

Cultural centers

- French institute : Organizes exhibitions and events related to French and Polish cultures, including the Francophone University Theater Festival.

- Fundacja Judaica - Centrum Kultury Źydowskiej (Center for Jewish Culture).

Shopping and souvenirs

Please note, on Saturdays, most shops close around 15 p.m.

- Sukiennice (old cloth hall) : in the center of Rynek Główny.
This hall accommodates under its vaults many stalls offering all that Poland produces in crafts. Amber, painted eggs, chess games, furs and the local specialty that is the subject of a competition every year at Christmas: the cribs made of chocolate paper.

- Galeria Plakatu: Has a large selection of posters and posters, an art in which the Poles are past masters.

- Szambelan: Large vials filled with various "dry", scented or arranged vodkas. Also absinthes. Pretty bottles on sale to bring back a typical souvenir, to consume dry but ... in moderation.

- Plac Targowy Unitarg - Hala Targowa: Real smart, picturesque and very populo. Books, stamps, silverware, brass, tableware, postcards, etc. Small restaurants.

- Naturalny Sklepik: A little corner of the countryside that this organic shop. There are beautiful vegetables and seasonal fruits, goat cheese in all its forms, country bread, dried fruits, teas ...

Plac Targowy Unitarg - Hala Targowa: Real fleas, picturesque and very populos. Books, stamps, silverware, brass, crockery, postcards, etc. Small restaurants.

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