Activities and visits Périgord - Dordogne

Activities and visits Périgord - Dordogne

The Périgord roads

The "gourmet routes"

The Bergerac wine route

These are road circuits "discovery suggestion" of the wine and tourist heritage, from 80 to 150 km, from Bergerac. To meet true enthusiasts, in love with their region and their work, and happy to share their enthusiasm with visitors eager to discover this part of Périgord. Many owners have signed the quality charter and open their doors to the secrets of their wines.

The foie gras route

It brings together producers and restaurateurs who are committed to informing the public about foie gras and to market IGP products and / or products made from ducks with IGP Périgord foie gras.

The Périgord walnut route

This route reveals the hidden riches of its land, but also the secrets of the men who make a living from it: restaurateurs, culinary artisans, operators, local markets, museums ... around authentic Périgord nuts such as Grandjean, "the typical", and the Horn, "the rustic". This route takes place mainly in the Périgord noir, from Hautefort to the Dordogne valley (the Noix de Castelnaud ecomuseum).
Brochure available at the departmental tourism committee and at all tourist offices.

The Limousin apple route

This appellation extends far beyond Périgord. Free visits to orchards and cooperatives on Mondays between June and August. The artisans and restaurateurs who take part invite you to discover the possible taste combinations with this fruit with multiple varieties: perlim, pompadour, meylim and limdor, especially in Périgord vert, around Lanouaille, which houses the Maison à la Glory of this product.

The “historical” and cultural routes

The castle route

Some 1 castles listed in Périgord, but they are not all open to visitors.

The route of crafts in Périgord

So many open doors (more than 60) to discover the backstage of artisanal creation, under the aegis of the Dordogne Chamber of Crafts and the Valoris'Art association.

Hiking in Périgord

The incredible variety of Périgord landscapes is crisscrossed by 780 km of long-distance hiking trails, with “bridges” between them, and 4 km of local loops of short hiking trails created by the municipalities. We are therefore spoiled for choice to follow in Cro-Magnon's footsteps. In this country of hills and valleys, with a few cliffs to follow, the routes do not present any major difficulty and are accessible to any walker in good physical shape.

The Sentiers du Périgord map-guide collection includes 27 titles available at the CDT and in tourist offices.
Also a topoguide La Dordogne on foot and more info on

The GR 36

It crosses the Périgord from north to south, coming from Angoulême to Lot-et-Garonne. It passes through Bourdeilles and Brantôme, the green Venice of Périgord on the Dronne, crossing landscapes of real countryside. It winds through the cobbled and Renaissance streets of Périgueux, descends through the dark barade forest of "Jacquou le Croquant", then towards the prehistoric cliffs of the Vézère. It is then that he borrows the spectacular overhangs of Montignac in Eyzies, before crossing the Dordogne river at Saint-Cyprien to dive towards the country of postcard bastides, more southern, with blond stone walls that are Belvès or Monpazier. .

The GR 646

Pedestrian version of the A 89 motorway, this GR travels from west to east the great South-West, from Bordeaux to Limousin. It follows the wide valley of Isle until after Périgueux, and goes up the Auvézère, its famous green gorges, mills, waterfalls and secret nature relays as far as Corrèze.

The GR 6

Going up the Dordogne valley via Bergerac, it offers wide panoramas. It is divided into 2: a branch towards Sarlat and Souillac with landscapes of causses, and another as close as possible to the river, where it plays the tightrope walk, offering many points of view on the spectacular castles of Beynac and Castelnaud.

The GR 361

It descends in a straight line from north to south from the Charente, crossing the perched hamlets and the cereal plains of the Ribéracois. He joins the Lot after having made discover Brantôme and the verdant Dronne valley. The trail passes through Périgueux and the limestone valley of Isle to Saint-Astier, then the wine-growing hillsides of Bergerac and Monbazillac.

The pilgrims' path - GR 654

From Vézelay to Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle, this axis of the 1st backpackers enters the Dordogne from Limoges via the aptly named La Coquille and the truffle plateau of Sorges, where there are specially reserved overnight stays. From Périgueux, pilgrims follow the GR 654 to reach Bergerac.

Rivers and river runs

Two large rivers share the flow of kayakers and canoeists in Périgord: the Dordogne et the Vézère, to which we must still add read it Dronne andAuvézère, very charming too, even if less frequented. They are all different and each have their own particularities. Whatever the route, we can see numerous castles nestled in the heart of the Most Beautiful Villages of France: Beynac, La Roque-Gageac ...
Those who wish to organize long descents will plan a whole day, taking the time to picnic and swim. If all rivers are peaceful, it is essential to know how to swim and to wear the life jacket at all times. Some rivers may be closed to access for a few days depending on their level. Inform yourself well.

The many rental companies installed along the water will give you all the information and will be able to advise you. Whatever river and descent you choose, it's an extra experience, to be enjoyed as a family.

On the Dordogne and the Isle, you can also take a walk in barge, replica of the old merchant ships which went down to Bordeaux in the XNUMXth century, loaded with food and merchandise.


The Dordogne is the river of fortified castles. Between Carsac and Beynac, the descent takes you on a journey to the heart of the Middle Ages! Technically, it is a river accessible to any beginner who can swim. It is the 2nd river in terms of canoe navigation in France, behind the Ardèche. Throughout the descent, we discover castles perched on top of hills and villages built on the side or at the foot of cliffs. Some large beaches are suitable for picnic stops or swimming breaks.

The Vézère

The Vézère is the river of the "valley of Man" and prehistory. It crosses the Périgord Noir to flow into the Dordogne at Limeuil. You can go down from Thonac to Les Eyzies. It therefore presents no particular danger, beyond the rules of common sense. 2 times narrower than the Dordogne, it is much wilder (few beaches and access) and its narrower sides give it a powerful character, especially when passing closer to the cliffs of La Roque Saint-Christophe. And these are castles, prehistoric sites and troglodyte villages famous around the world available to you.


Impetuous in its high valley, in Green Périgord, where it used to turn many forges, here is a wide and quiet river, which one can easily descend on a 21 km course between Trélissac (base of Chariéras), Périgueux (base de Sainte-Claire) and Marsac (La Roche base), with a dozen passes and launches.

The Dronne

Born in Limousin, this river crosses the Périgord vert and joins the Charente. At first bubbling, it blossoms in Brantôme in a majestic loop where canoes and passenger boats elegantly intersect.


The valley of the Auvézère digs its furrow coming from the Massif Central and crosses part of the Périgord vert to join the Périgord blanc. Between Guimalet and La Forge-d'Ans, over twenty kilometers, in an environment that remains very natural, you can canoe down the Auvézère gorges, passing in front of some superb sites. It is in this sector that forges developed in the XNUMXth century. The Auvézère is largely bordered by forests and paper mills.

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