Activities and leisure, where to go out Montreal

Activities and leisure, where to go out Montreal


Canada's national sport is unquestionably the ice Hockey. This is even more true in Montreal. The Montreal Canadiens are the object of absolute veneration. Founded in 1909, this club is the oldest still in operation without interruption. His record is unparalleled: with 24 Stanley Cups, he is quite simply the most successful in the National Hockey League.

The professional season, which sees S & rsquouniennes, takes place from October to May and the home matches are played at Bell Center. If you are passing through in winter, do not miss this real spectacle. However, tickets are expensive and sell out quickly: you have to do it well in advance.

Regarding other sports, Montréball, which has a lot of fans, it is better to avoid the subject since the late franchise of Montreal Expos moved to Washington in 2004.
Le tennis, little developed until then in Canada, seems to have the wind in its sails and create ambitions thanks to Milos Raonic (born in Yugoslavia), the only Canadian player to have integrated the top 10 of the ATP ranking ...

Finally, let's mention the Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix, which takes place every June on the Gilles-Villeneuve circuit, on the Lady. Luckily, this circuit is open to everyone during the rest of the year: you can freely explore it on foot, by bike or on rollerblades.


Ice rinks

A dozen outdoors (no, not in summer!). Also be aware that, even in winter, the rinks can close if the temperatures are too mild.

  • La Fontaine Park: We skate on the icy waters of a pond in the romantic and trendy setting of the Plateau.
  • Old Port, Bonsecours basin: An enchanting place, with a view of the old town and the river.
  • Atrium Le 1000: Small restaurants on site.


Shown Flag on Hélène and the indoor swimming pools at Olympic Park.

Jean-Doré Beach


Another beach (the Clock Beach) in Port, at the foot of the June tower, see you later in case of entertainment; early June, only on weekends.

On the golden sand, deckchairs with a view of the river and the marina. We are in the first lodges to attend the great summer fireworks.

Underground Montreal

L & rsquosol!
StartedMarie, sued in parallel million people. Because it is obviously the tourists who are amazed by this excess!

It is accessible to Catherine (Eaton Center, Place Montreal Trust ...).

  • See the Underground Art Festival in Montreal


Some dates are useful to know because many Montrealers use these holidays as a chronological reference! Example: “open until Thanksgiving”. Uh ... until when ?!

- New Year's holidays: January 1 and 2.

- Easter Monday (or Good Friday depending on the company).

- National Patriots Day: the Monday before May 25.

- FêJean (fê24 June. It is on this date that the tourist season really begins. Day off for all (the 24th) and exaltation of the Quebecois soul for many. Many streets in the center are closed to traffic and various concerts replace the cars Highlight of the festival: large open-air shows welcoming hundreds of thousands of people.

- Fêlà, Sherbrooke Avenue is adorned in red for the parade of Anglophones, Quebec federalists and many immigrants who want to show their pride in being Canadian.

- The 3-day split is one of the biggest of the year and everything is full everywhere! After this pivotal date, many museums and minor attractions adopt restricted hours (we are obviously not talking about the main Montreal sites, open year-round).

- Thanksgiving Day: 2nd Monday in October. Often marks the end of the tourist season. Note that in the USA, Thanksgiving falls on the 4th Thursday in November.

- Remembrance Day : 11 November.

- Christmas holidays: December 25 and 26.

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