Accommodations and hotels Mexico City

Accommodations and hotels Mexico City

It is in the historic center that there are the most housing possibilities. But we must admit that most of them frankly show the weight of the years. Otherwise there is also the Zona Rosa, more vibrant in the evening and, a little further south, La Condesa which, in addition to unbridled nightlife, offers interesting accommodation options in the heart of a safe and peaceful residential area. , but on condition that you pay the price ...

As for Polanco, Coyoacán and San Ángel, they are frankly out of the way, and unless you spend a night in a fancy hotel, this is not where you will put your bag for the week.

Hostels in the historic center of Mexico City

Convenient for your accommodation as a hostel is not always the quietest place; there are often evenings and other “group evenings”! But it's still ideal for meeting people. In addition, breakfast is included in the price of the night.


Cheap hotels have often been renovated, but the decor has not passed the 1970s, so for the charm and the atmosphere, it's not too much: dingy paint, tiles galore, melamine furniture, lighting pale ... Rooms with a "matrimonial" bed, called sencilla, are generally more economical than rooms with 2 beds or those with king size beds.

Zona Rosa, Condesa and Roma

For those who wish to be close to the night life and good restaurants, staying in the Zona Rosa or, a little to the south, in the Condesa or Roma colonias, is a good choice ... provided you sleep in AJ or in slightly more expensive establishments, because here, unlike the center, it there aren't really any cheap hotels.

On the other hand, for our readers who are more comfortable in their budget, the district offers a lot ofchic options (and even very chic), including a few guest houses very nice.


Chic and residential area west of Zona Rosa.

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