Accommodations and hotels Bulgaria

Accommodations and hotels Bulgaria

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They are not very 3 or more beds inside).

Wild camping is OFFICIALLY prohibited in Bulgaria. However, it is very often practiced by Bulgarians, especially in the mountains, near lakes (fishermen).

The youth hostels

Only two Bulgarian youth hostels belong to the Hostelling International network, but you will find many more hostels, especially in Sofia and in the big cities (Plovdiv, Varna, etc.). Most are not very big and offer both dormitories and private rooms, with shared bathrooms for all and a kitchen available. It also happens that there is a washing machine. Some are user-friendly, others less.

Homestay rooms

They are (very expensive, most now have private bathrooms (walk-in shower in general, where you can splash about happily!). If you are traveling by train or bus, it would be surprising if no one offered you a room in your arrival ... Even when traveling by car, some solicit tourists by waving signs at the entrance to towns.


- old hôville, often carry either the name Bulgaria hotel or that of the city. A certain number of them have been renovated more or less recently, which makes them a little more attractive than in the past, but they are singularly lacking in conviviality with their endless corridors ...

A multitude of more small hotels ... Some are up to European standards, others are not - without necessarily being reflected in the prices. Hard or too soft beds are plentiful, and leaky showers too ... That said, very often, these are walk-in showers, without a cabin or even a tray.

For the rest, many museums, hotels often occupy old renovated houses which have retained the charm of the past while offering comfort to today's standards: do not hesitate!
On the coast, the seaside resorts pile up the enormous resorts, sometimes offering all-inclusive stays.

Let us also mention theaccommodation in monasteries. The opportunity for an original experience in a particular place, but it is more often small hotels than crude cells (at the price of a hotel, therefore). In addition, the reception (in Bulgarian) is not always simple or pleasant.

The chalet-refuges

There are a large number of refuges in the country, particularly in the Rila, Pirin, Rhodope and Balkan mountains. These are often large, hard-built chalets converted into dormitories or rooms with several beds, generally (very) basic in comfort. Better to book in advance.

Local tourist offices can help you with this.

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