Abu Dhabi Identity Card

Abu Dhabi Identity Card

-   Capital city : Abu Dhabi, around 2,8 million d & rsquo Name: Abu Dhabi means "the father of the gazelle", in reference to the many antelopes that were once found there.

- Population:  consé Density Ethnicities: represented as in the rest of the UAE elsewhere. The other inhabitants are predominantly Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis and, to a lesser extent, Arabs, Iranians, Africans, Filipinos and Westerners.

- Head of State and Emir of Abu Dhabi: Khalifa ben Zayed Al Nahyane has held the presidency of the United Arab Emirates since November 2004, succeeding his father. He was re-elected in 2009, 2014 and 2019.

- Re-created in 1971 the day after decolonization (English). Each remains in the hands of a hereditary monarchy. Abu Dhabi's size and economic weight make it a natural leader in the regional scene, despite relative competition from Dubai and its ruling family.

- Religion: l & rsquo in particular - are important because of immigration, but only 2 churches exist in all the territory of Abu Dhabi (for 33 in the UAE). Atheism is frowned upon: it is better to declare yourself a Christian if the question is asked.

- Institutions and politics: Apart from the federative character of the UAE, one could almost speak of absolute monarchies. Political parties are banned and even the Supreme Federal Council, made up of the seven emirs of the seven emirates, has a rather representative role: in practice, Abu Dhabi and Dubai decide almost everything, thanks to their de facto power and their law. vet! The president, in this case the Emir of Abu Dhabi, appoints both ministers and judges. The UAE's Federal National Council (majlis), established in 2006, has an even more advisory role. It is made up of 40 members, half of whom are appointed directly by the emirs.


Abu Dhabi is rich. 6th largest oil producer in the world, the emirate has seen its GDP multiplied by 200 since the formation of the federation in 1971, reaching more than $ 600 per capita today.

If the hydrocarbons oil.

Human rights

It's hard to say that the United Arab Emirates in general, and Abu Dhabi in particular, are exemplary in this area.

Le mistreatment of foreign workers, mostly from Asia, is one of the main human rights issues (especially on Saadiyat Island). The working conditions on construction sites are particularly trying.

About human rights defenders criticizing even a little the status quo and the governing elites.

At the same time, women rape victims are regularly condemned for "sex outside marriage" and imprisoned for failing to marry their attacker ...

  • See human rights in the United Arab Emirates # human rights

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