A well-crafted road trip to travel the N ° 1 in Iceland

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On the way for 1339 kilometers of adventure!

You have decided to go with your car around Iceland via Route 1. You have already settled your stops near the jewels of the island and will see the most beautiful waterfalls in Europe as well as magnificent glaciers and glacial lagoon. Your journey is exactly 1339 km and you will do it in small stages to also enjoy the eastern fjords. But have you thought about the safety of your car?

Prepare your vehicle properly for this trip

You will have to prepare your vehicle carefully for this particular trip because you may encounter particular climatic conditions. So you must have the necessary equipment to face the snow towards the beautiful Lake Mytvatn, near the Krafla volcano. You will have to start by checking your tires and possibly taking snow tires depending on the date of your departure. Before the tour of Iceland, be sure to take a tour of the Internet to read different winter tire tests.

Once there, but always before getting behind the wheel, also check your spare tire because some areas are desert: if you die on the way, you will have the replacement solution at hand. In addition, it is in your interest to check the belts, the levels, the brakes, and the condition of the battery. Special care should be taken with the shock absorbers because although Route 1 is almost completely asphalted, there are still some stretches in the Icelandic fjords which are still gravel.

What to visit during your road trip in Iceland?

You will pass through the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik, but also through Borganes, Egilsstaör or the pretty town of Selfoos. Throughout your trip you will also discover Godafoss, the bewitching place where Iceland's largest waterfalls are located. In the south of the country, still near Route 1, you can go to the pretty villa of Skogar and see the Skogafoss waterfall and many other mythical and extraordinary places.

In short, even if this road is only 1339 kilometers, it will never cease to surprise you throughout your journey!

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