A luxury hotel on the Great Wall of China

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Zen stay at Kempinski La Commune

Guided tour of these architectural jewels for wealthy clients ...

An exceptional hotel

La Commune is the name of this hotel complex. Owned by the Kempinski hotels, it brings together around thirty villas and chalets. Only one hour from Beijing, the villas, scattered over 8 square kilometers of mountains and forests, offer a breathtaking view of the Great Wall of China. More precisely, the hotel is located a quarter of an hour's walk from the Shuiguan section of the Great Wall. Each villa has 4 to 6 bedrooms and offers all the comforts of Kempinski hotels, specialists in luxury hotels.

A hotel like no other

The creation of the villas was entrusted to twelve renowned architects from all over Asia. The result: exceptional large hotels, at the cutting edge of contemporary Chinese architecture. The modern architecture of the villas and their cubic shape are in perfect harmony with nature, in particular thanks to the warm colors and the large windows that open the rooms to the outside and offer a splendid panorama. Art, design, architecture, materials, cuisine: everything in these villas is reminiscent of Asia. Special mention for the cuisine, served by innovative local chefs.

The Furniture House

Each architect received an envelope of one million dollars to carry out the construction of their villa. Among the thirty villas built, the “furnished house” attracts our attention. Designed as a chest of drawers with a multitude of drawers and storage, its originality is now praised around the world. The architect used bamboo, plywood on the outside and braided on the inside. Very simple in appearance, the real luxury of this villa lies in the space and the omnipresence of natural light.

The price of luxury

If you are a fan of the Great Wall of China and a fan of the Zen atmosphere, know that you will have to pay between 800 and 1000 € per day to be able to stay in one of these concept villas. The hotel also offers a more classic room formula for € 200 per night. 

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