A Day on the Great Barrier Reef: A User's Guide

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8h : A minibus picks you up at the foot of the bed and takes you to an ultra-fast boat heading for the Grande Barrière.

9h : Coffee in hand on the deck you are immersed in videos and books that will allow you to recognize fish and reefs.

11h : Arrival on the fitted platform. You put on flippers, mask and snorkel until the end of the day. 

12h : 1st dive with instructors between fish, giant oysters and turtles. For experienced divers or beginners.

13.30 p.m : It's time to stuff yourself with prawns, salads and seafood from the boat's all-you-can-eat buffet.

14.30 p.m : You go back to the corals for quality snorkelling: sea turtles, clown fish, anemones, sea cucumbers, parrot fish, etc.

16.00 p.m : For the luckiest or the wealthiest, a panoramic flight over the barrier, and the heart-shaped island photographed by Artus Bertrand.

16.30 p.m : You watch Finding Nemo on the way back with the children on board, telling yourself that that's it, you too have seen it for real!

Tips Azurever.com

Some companies offer flight + boat combos, which allow you to go there or back aboard a small plane or helicopter.

These formulas are often less expensive than flights alone and all those who have taken advantage of them assure that the Great Barrier Reef is even more beautiful seen from above than from below.

Do not forget your diving certificates, international or French, if you have them, because dives for total beginners are often more expensive.

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