6 good tips to discover Corsica differently

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Unusual Corsica is just as beautiful as “tourist” Corsica

Of course, we know the GR20, the superb beaches, the diving spots, the mountains, but Corsica is also unusual and can be discovered differently. On the back of a donkey, aboard a sailboat or a train, the Isle of Beauty is home to many surprises. Here are a few.

1. A ghost village

Ruins of the village of Occi /

It has been almost a century since the hamlet of Occi has become a ghost village. Its origins go back to the Middle Ages and the view over the Gulf of Calvi is breathtaking. Today, all that remains are empty houses, a renovated chapel and an ever-so-striking panorama. Allow about an hour for a round-trip hike on a perfectly groomed trail from Lumio.

2. The menhirs statues of Filitosa

Menhirs of Filitosa /

These anthropomorphic menhirs have been there for 8000 years and still hide their mystery. This site is located in the heart of an exceptional natural space. The statues-menhirs of Filitosa sometimes have human forms and some are equipped with a dagger or a sword. This place of choice will make you discover Corsica in a different way through a walk over 3 hectares.

3. The Corsican desert

Desert des Agriates /

There is indeed a desert in Corsica, that of Agriates. No sand but complete emptiness: no inhabitants, no house, just nature on 15 hectares. It is the ideal place for peaceful hikes and the coastal path.

4. The Cricheto Pass scrub train in the Prunelli Valley

View of Lake Tolla and the Prunelli Valley /

To explore Corsica other than by car, board the small motorized train for visit the maquis and the chestnut grove in a splendid site. The terminus, in a pig farm, allows you to enjoy a tasting of charcuterie.

5. Corsica on a donkey's back

Donkey trekking /

To visit the Isle of Beauty differently, the donkey trek is original. The donkey will transport your luggage (or the smallest) to cross Corsican villages, forests and the maquis. It is a quiet adventure that will leave unforgettable memories of the Niolo Valley.

6. Corsica by boat

Sailboat rental in Corsica /

Nothing better than a pretty ship to discover an island differently and from a different perspective. By opting for a yacht charter in Corsica, you will be able to admire the most beautiful points of view while sliding on turquoise waters. From May to October is ideal. 15 municipalities have a marina but you can still anchor in one of the many secluded coves. With or without a skipper, it's an unforgettable adventure.

And you ? How do you visit Corsica?

Share your experiences or your desires in the comments! Do you have any tips for visiting the places differently, off the beaten track?

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