5 tips for a successful photo safari in Tanzania and Kenya

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Are you interested in a photo safari in Kenya or Tanzania? With their national parks and nature reserves of exceptional beauty, you will be amazed by the meet wild animals just a few meters from you. Giraffes, elephants, zebras, rhinos, wild animals, etc. There is plenty to take beautiful photos as long as you take the right camera in your luggage, and follow these tips.

Which camera to choose for a photo safari?

What really matters when choosing the right camera for a safari is the choice of objective. The ideal is really tohave two : one of 28/80 mm (for landscapes) and one of 75/300 mm (for the close-ups). If you can only bring one then choose a 28/200 mm.

Please check that your zoom is also provided with a voucher anti-shake stabilizer : it will avoid blurry photos! On the other hand, the number of pixels of the device is less important to date. Be careful, don't forget to take several memory cards and setting the quality to "high resolution", you will take fewer photos but they will be easily enlarged.

Bodies guaranteeing the quality of the agency or the operator

Dealing directly with the agencies on site is a good way to make the safari more authentic. Only in Kenya and Tanzania as elsewhere tourist traps exist and it is imperative to be vigilant to have a pleasant vacation. Two organizations guarantee the quality of the agencies in these two countries. These are the Kenya Association of Tour Operators (Kato) and the Tanzania Association of Tour Operators (Tato). These organizations check in particular insurance companies and company licenses, drivers' licenses, etc. To be more peaceful, therefore choose a company that is a member of one of these two organizations, it is an essential first pledge of quality!

For more intimate moments with nature, a private car or bus is needed

A safari is not a low budget trip, so it is a shame to spoil it because you are on the wrong side of the bus to take the best photos! To fully enjoy the spectacle before you, it is best to rent a car (4 × 4) or a minibus with family or friends. with a driver who will also be your guide.

4 × 4 minibus typical of photo safari

Parks are obviously far from cities, so it is necessary to provide one or more several nights in the park. The lodges are very comfortable and luxurious, an exquisite way to end the day! They are also ideal for honeymoons.

Some ideas for parks and nature reserves

The parks of Kenya and Tanzania are all more beautiful than the others but here are some non-exhaustive tracks.

<br>• In kenya the most famous of the reserves is undoubtedly the Masai Mara National Reserve. But we can also mention the parks of Amboseli or Samburu.

<br>• In tanzania the Lake Manyara and Serengeti national parks are arguably the most important to see although the choice is very difficult and arbitrary!

When to go to Kenya or Tanzania?

• For a safari at Kenya, only the month of May (rainy season) is to be avoided, the vegetation is abundant and hides the animals a little.

• In Tanzania the dry season from May to October is the most famous although the rainy season has its charms: the choice is yours!

Ready to go on Safari Photo?

Now you have to choose the destination: Kenya or Tanzania? Tell us your preferences in the comments, we're interested!

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