5 good reasons to go on a trip to Indonesia

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And five ways to make the most of your Indonesian stay!

Since May 2015, travelers of thirty different nationalities have been exempt from visa requirements to visit Indonesia. The archipelago wants to stimulate its tourism even more by relaxing the conditions of entry into its territory, and widens the measure to other points of entry into the country. The exemption has so far been applied to major airports such as Jakarta and Bali. An administrative novelty which could well give ideas. Here are five good reasons to fly to Indonesia.

1. Try diving in the Gili Islands

Located between the south of the China Sea, the Pacific Ocean - not far from the Great Barrier Reef - and the Indian Ocean, Indonesia is an ideal destination for amateur divers, who can obtain their Padi (Professional association of diving instructors), internationally recognized diving certificate. The country has enough to offer a large training area, with its 17 islands, its 000 kilometers of coastline, for all levels of divers. Indonesia also welcomes many underwater photographers who have come to immortalize the flora and fauna. A stone's throw from Lombok, near Bali, the Gili Islands are one of the most famous diving spots, with wrecks to discover.

2. Experience volcanoes up close

Indonesia has over 500 volcanoes, and many of them are still active. There are plenty of choices to build an itinerary dedicated to these monsters of the earth, from Mount Bromo on the island of Java to the unmissable Batur in Bali via the Rinjani in Lombok. Still, this activity is physical and requires being in good shape. The island of Java is a favorite destination for tourists with its thirty volcanoes. Better to keep an eye on the news since Indonesian volcanoes erupt regularly, sometimes forcing airports to suspend their flights.

3. Experience a trip in complete freedom on the handlebars of a motorcycle

To experience Indonesia is to get on a negotiated motorbike in a few seconds and go on an adventure to take pictures of the landscapes. Many travelers taste the Indonesian escape thanks to this mode of transport which lends itself ideally to the geography of the country. Remember that Indonesians drive on the left, that wearing a helmet is compulsory and that one of the key rules is to always carry a ticket with you to arrange certain situations ... Foreign tourists will more easily rent a scooter if they are in possession of a 'an international license.

4. Meet the Indonesian nature

From the lush jungle of Borneo to the idyllic beaches of Sumatra, Indonesia is the meeting place for nature lovers. Placed on the Pacific Ring of Fire, the country has the particularity of alternating landscapes: the rice terraces of Bali, Mount Rinjani on Lombok, Lake Toba in Sumatra, the buildings of Jakarta, the Balinese temples… The orangs -utans of Borneo and Sumatra embody the face of this Indonesian nature to be photographed, as do the Komodo dragons, prehistoric creatures considered to be the largest lizard in the world. It is only in Indonesia that hotheads will be able to approach them in the wild.

5. Discover the rice fields of Bali

Among the curiosities of nature, the rice terraces constitute one of the major assets of Bali. Rice cultivation is one of the main activities of the Balinese. Among the stages to remember, Jatiluwih is a name which resonates since its inscription in the world heritage of Unesco. An unmissable panorama for amateur photographers who will be spoiled for choice for shots playing with the lights and mirror effects of the water-filled terraces.

Indonesia on the practical side

Thirty nationalities, including the French, are exempt from a visa to visit Indonesia, on condition of staying in the country for a maximum of thirty days, of being in possession of a return ticket and a passport valid six months after the end of the trip.

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