4 tips for traveling with your pet

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Or how to make a successful holiday with your dog and / or cat

Taking your four-legged companion on vacation remains the best solution for his well-being. But for a perfect organization, there are a few precautions to take before leaving. Here are the advice from the Tripadvisor community for traveling with your pet, supplemented by recommendations from the 30 Million Friends Foundation.

1. Put the health record in the suitcase

For travelers going abroad, be aware thatan electronic chip placed on your pet is the best solution. This will allow, in the event of loss, to consult the national file of the I-Cad (identification of domestic carnivores). Unavoidable, the health record must always be in the suitcase because it contains all the essential information about your companion. In the event of a problem, the veterinarian will need to take note of the vaccines already administered and any history.

2. Prefer a transport bag for the plane

It is better to provide comfortable luggage for your dog or cat if you have organized a plane trip. The journey can be long and you have to plan a soft bag in which the animal will have enough room not to be numb. Besides, it is better to buy it several weeks before departure so that the latter takes its marks. Leave the bag available in the house.

The first thing to do before booking a flight is to contact the airline to find out if they accept pets on board. Finally, for a trip abroad, the animal must have a passport.

3. Take regular breaks in the car

Dogs also need to stretch their paws on a long journey, even if there is room in the back of the car. During these breaks, go for a walk and do not forget to serve him a bowl of fresh water. In the car, we do not put his furry companion in the trunk, where air is lacking. And we cannot repeat enough thatan animal must not under any circumstances remain locked in a car, even less under a blazing sun: his life depends on it.
Last but not least, the cat must not come and go in the car and must travel in its transport case.

4. Keep the leash when walking

In national parks, Tripadvisor reminds you that you should keep your dog on a leash. The 30 Million Friends Foundation specifies that for off-leash walks, you must always keep an eye on your animal in order to anticipate any problem. In addition, the holidays being a period conducive to outings, the master must allow time to adapt to find the appropriate rhythm for his dog - especially if the latter is a little old or if he is not used to to spend.

The 30 Million Friends Foundation provides owners with a “vacation kit” so they can take their pets on a safe trip! 

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