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Take the plunge, go on a cruise!

If you like to go on a trip, then cruises are one of those experiences to be had at least once in your life. However, the offer has been so bloated in recent years that it is necessary to set a few criteria to choose the right cruise.

Whether you opt for a Mediterranean cruise, a getaway in the northern seas or a transatlantic trip, here are our tips for a successful cruise!

Which destination ?

It might sound silly, but it's obviously the first question to ask yourself when you want to go on a cruise. And depending on the answer to this question, the travel experience will absolutely not be the same.

Want to relax, sun and discover superb islands? So head for the Mediterranean or, if your budget is a little bigger, the Caribbean. For a trip closer to nature and to enjoy unforgettable landscapes, some people prefer Nordic cruises, to Scandinavia for example. Today, the trend is even more “extreme”, with an increasingly complete range of polar cruises!

Finally, if we especially have the image of large liners and open sea when we talk about cruises, know that it is also possible to go for a trip along the water on the most beautiful rivers of the planet. In Europe alone, you will be spoiled for choice between the Rhône, the Rhine or the Danube!

The ideal type of boat for your cruise

There are essentially two criteria to take into account at this level: the capacity and the style of decoration (luxurious or classic). There are three types of ship: small (with approximately 1000 passengers) medium (less than 3000 passengers) and larger (with more than 3000 passengers).

For each boat there are advantages and disadvantages; the choice will depend on your needs and cruising goals. For example, for a small ship, the atmosphere is quite friendly; getting to know other passengers is easy. It is also much easier to find your way on this kind of boat. But embarking on a large ship is generally the assurance of taking full advantage of it and enjoying very high-end equipment.

The criteria for choosing your cabin

The cabin will be your private space throughout the trip. The price of the cabins depends on their location, but also on the style of decoration used. Regarding the position on the vessel, it is recommended toavoid potential sources of noise. If you have the option to choose, then opt for cabins that are far from places of attraction or large gatherings such as bars, nightclubs, restaurants, etc.

When it comes to decoration, it's all about taste and comfort. You have the choice between luxurious or classic suites with or without sea view. We still recommend that you opt for a cabin with a balcony to be able to enjoy the sea view at any time and in peace. Do not hesitate to treat yourself, because this is your cruise!

A cheap cruise: take advantage of the good deals

Engaging in such a project and preparing for a cruise can be expensive. However, there are still several ways to cut costs and enjoy your trip without worrying about the moods of your banker.

One of the most effective techniques is obviously the reservation. Are you one of the very first to book your ticket? You can benefit from a reduction of up to 50%. Conversely, you can also wait (one month before your departure) to take advantage of last minute promotions. This time, the reduction can reach 70%, but only on certain boats.

In addition, to spend less, the web is a very fertile space. You can find some good deals there with private ticket sales.

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