2-hour guided tour of Italica from Seville

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Travel back in time on this 2-hour guided historical tour by SEMI-PRIVATE from Seville. Head to the Roman city of Itálica, located in the lower Guadalquivir valley, halfway between Seville and Alcalá del Río. Explore the ancient ruins, which date back to 206 AD, and learn about the presence of the Roman Empire in this area. Admire the mosaics of the House of the Planetarium, visit the amphitheater and visit the large thermal baths and the sports hall. And go for the Game of Thrones ! ! !

Meet a knowledgeable guide in Seville and head to one of the most historic places in the country, the Roman city of Itálica. Located in the lower valley of the Guadalquivir River, halfway between Seville (Hispalis) and Alcalá del Río (Ilipa) and very close to the roads connecting the mining areas of the Sierra Norte of Seville and Huelva, Itálica has played an important strategic role political, military and economic at the height of the Roman Empire.

Established in 206 AD. When General Publio Cornelio Escipión (Scipio) decided to create a place for soldiers injured in the battle of Ilipa against the Lusitanians, Itálica is full of history. Learn all about the Roman Empire and their control of the region from your guide, then explore the ruins on your own.

Admire the superb mosaics of the House of the Planetarium and visit the amphitheater and the monument of Trajan. Next, visit the largest of the thermal baths, the gym, an old bread oven, two restored Roman houses, and the remains of the city streets.

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