19-Day Kruger Overland Park Cape Town Tour from Johannesburg

South Africa in all its glory in an attraction-packed 19-day overland excursion. Go on an adventure through three of the best animal parks in the country; Kruger and Addo Elephants on safaris in pursuit of the Big Five. Fully appreciate the rich and diverse cultures of the Zulu, Swazi and Basotho peoples of Lesotho. Head to the coast for wild beaches and admire the spectacular scenery of the Garden Route, Knysna, Tsitsikamma and Hermanus.

This South Africa tour invites you to put your conceptions of Africa to the test, giving you a comprehensive look at some of South Africa's grandest attractions, an opportunity to appreciate the captivating Kingdom of Swaziland, the mountain peaks of Lesotho and the culture of its Basotho people. This fascinating itinerary has been carefully designed to maximize your experience in the time you spend sightseeing with your guides. After arriving in the city of gold, Johannesburg, South Africa, your epic journey will be along the stunning scenic route. This to achieve a variety of scenic landscapes, home to the mighty lion and other iconic species in their natural habitat. You will visit Kruger National Park, Mountain Zebra National Park and Addo Elephant National Park for a complete safari experience. This includes many breathtaking mountainous regions, the vast plains of the Bushveld and you can even take a dip in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. You will thus be able to gain a better understanding of many African traditions and cultures that have descended from mankind in ancient times. This increasingly popular excursion offers an accessible African expedition. In addition to the magic of Africa, you will discover, during this excursion, the dynamism and diversity of this continent.

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