15 must-see places to visit in Poland

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Poland is full ofsublime places to visit, It's a certainty ! Whether in the city or in the middle of nature, there are many original activities to do in Poland to immerse yourself more every day in Polish daily life and better understand this amazing culture. Sometimes neglected by travelers, it nevertheless offers sensational visits and the discovery of a strong culture steeped in history. To tempt you, we share with you our 15 essential activities to do in Poland, without hesitation!

Stroll through the Stare Miasto district in Warsaw

Of course the Polish capital awaits you for a frenzied visit ! Although the 4 corners of this city are breathtaking, the neighborhood Old Town exudes a very special atmosphere. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the old town, surrounded by ramparts, is charming and its traditional market place delights passing travelers. What else to see in Warsaw?

Warsaw Old Town

Experience the milk bar in Warsaw

There is no shortage of possibilities for original excursions in Poland. Why not take advantage of your foray into the capital to test un milk bar and taste a polish immersion rather nice? These minimalist and inexpensive dining places immerse you in the Soviet atmosphere of the time. You eat an invariable menu, based on a traditional polish food and rub shoulders with all layers of the population. Obviously, this is the unusual meal to do in Poland!

Polish milk bar

Visit Gdansk, the pearl of the Baltic Sea

The port city of Gdansk is rich and marked by its intense commercial past. Not to spoil anything, over the years Gdansk has attracted many artists to it. This is how you will find a scholar in the heart of this city mix of history and culture. Cultural events abound on all sides and its majestic monuments remind you on every street corner of its unusual historical past.


Get some fresh air in Zakopane in the Tatras

Soak up thesurreal atmosphere of the Carpathians and its exceptional folklore and take the time to settle down in this charming sparkling town in southern Poland. Lost in the mountains, Zakopane nevertheless wants to be dynamic and open to encounters. Depending on the season, it is the ideal place to vary the pleasures. The city indeed offers the best outdoor activities to do in Poland!


Stroll from bridge to bridge in Wrocław

Wroclaw has that little something that will overwhelm you and keep you coming back to it again and again. Do not hesitate to get lost in its typical alleys and to pass, thanks to its hundred bridges and walkways, from one island to another and from one shore to another. Relax along the beautiful banks or opt for a more sporty discovery of the city kayak. Everything is possible ! 

A bridge in Wroclaw

Marvel at Krakow, the jewel of Central Europe

Located near the Czech Republic, Krakow can boast of a medieval center well preserved and a Jewish neighborhood which piques the curiosity of passing travelers. Do not hesitate to let yourself be carried to its old town, bordered by the superb parc Planty, after having visited the incredible historical and religious monuments of the city. The market place still lets glimpse all the animation of yesteryear and will undoubtedly plunge you into its tumultuous past.

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Wawel Castle in Krakow

Go face-to-face with a bison in Bialowieza National Park

Traveling in Poland also means connecting to a sumptuous nature still wild and unspoiled. At the heart of this nature reserve, you will have the opportunity to observe unique flora and fauna of their kind. If you are lucky, accompanied by a guide, maybe you will spot the iconic Polish animal: le bison ! A few wolves, lynx or beavers still gravitate around. These exceptional encounters are really to be done in Poland!

Bialowieza bisons

Carry out your duty of remembrance by visiting Auschwitz-Birkenau

This overwhelming visit is a must for any day trip to Poland. The terrible past of this place is palpable at all times, theintense emotion will win you over and upset you for sure. This sometimes traumatic foray into this tragic past is full of paradoxes and also wants to be a moment ofhope turned towards a rich future and rectified by past mistakes. An essential if you are a lover of memory tourism.


Slowinski National Park

Astonishing if it is that this desert in polish lands ! In the very north of the country, in Pomerania, there is a very unique biosphere. The landscapes are breathtaking between lakes, sea and windswept dunes. This incredible place is a ideal refuge for some birds and can be done both on foot and by bike!

Slowinski National Park

Hang out in the back streets of Poznań

The welcome to this student city is quite nonchalant. Off the beaten track, it constitutes a pleasant stopover for a break without the fuss on the edge of the Malta lake or on rives de la Warta. Original bars abound in this festive city and offer you a delicious moment of relaxation. Before tasting the local vodka, an obviously unmissable tasting to do in Poland, visit the monuments witnesses of the city's troubled past. 


Rafting down a river in the Piénines National Park

All of this mountains with dense forests of beeches and fir trees offer you varied panoramas. The gorges du Dunajec are adorned with steep and steep cliffs and overlook a river of the same name. Travelers will be able to observe the local flora and fauna of unparalleled richness. This sublime decor can also be observed from a raft going down the river. This special experience will not leave you indifferent.

The gorges of Dunajec

Getting lost in nature in Masuria

Dotted with magnificent water points and fascinating forests, this locality in northeastern Poland, also known as 1 lakes region, invites you to the contemplation of a well preserved wild nature. The walks on these land of traditions, through some picturesque villages, are best done by boat, but also by canoe, bicycle and on foot.


Immerse yourself in the legends of Lublin

The largest city in the east of the country is renowned for its medieval historic center and his architecture characteristic of the Polish Renaissance. Its authentic alleys and its few houses of character seem to whisper in the ears of passers-by fanciful legends. Its castle and its museum are not to be missed, they faithfully retrace the tortuous past of this charming town.

An alley in Lublin

Explore the depths of the Wieliczka Salt Mine

Located not far from Krakow, this magical place amazes and amazes visitors and regulars alike. Far from the usual image of a mine, this excavation full of surprises and offers you, without counting, unsuspected treasures. Museum, church and sanatorium complete the traces of its mining past and make it a unique place in the world. Stopover and activity to do in Poland and not to be missed!

The salt mine in Wieliczka

Visit Malbork Castle

History buffs will be delighted to visit this city with an impressive number of medieval ruins, castles and fortresses. They are also ranked by specialists among the most interesting in Europe. People less sensitive to the architecture of the place will find their happiness in the vast meadows which punctuate the surroundings, as well as in the contemplation of beautiful Elblag lakes, not far from here.

Malbork Castle

The essentials of Poland… and after?

This still little-known country is nevertheless so attractive ! Indeed, there is so much to do in Poland. After tasting the Polish universe, the desire to see more on this corner of Europe will undoubtedly be felt. Why not extend your trip to Slovakia or even Ukrainian Slavic lands? Indulge !

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