15 destinations to enjoy the sun all year round

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The holidays are coming and you dream of going in the sun to recharge your batteries? Are you running out of ideas on which destination to choose? This article is made for you !

When winter vacation time finally comes, a quick glance in the mirror is usually enough to understand how much we miss the sun. No more gray and rainy skies, make way for the beach, with warm rays and tanned relaxation! It remains to choose the destination. For that, follow the guide!

Cape Verde, a paradise and a history

A stone's throw from the coast of Senegal, the Cape Verde archipelago has all the conditions for tourists who want to escape their hazy climate to get in the sun. Here, temperatures never drop below 20 ° C and the beaches that dot its coastline delight lovers of seaside idleness. In addition, this country has a rich history which gives its people a strength of character and hospitality much appreciated by vacationers.

Mindelo, an essential stopover on your trip to Cape Verde /

Seychelles, a must-see sunny destination

Who has never heard of the Seychelles? The very symbol of travel in the sun, the 115 islands that make up the archipelago display all the finery of a postcard cliché. Tropical trees distributing their fruit at will, unspoiled white sand coves, charming hotels with all the amenities: these are the perfect ingredients if you want to organize your honeymoon in the Seychelles and enjoy an unforgettable stay in an idyllic setting. The archipelago is a dream that will still require an early reservation because places are expensive there all year round!


Marrakech, culture and charm

While Marrakech can be noisy and tiring during the summer months, it is particularly welcoming during the other seasons. Crossroads of Arab and Berber cultures, you will find Luxurious riads, lively souks and century-old architecture, which will dot your walks under an ever-present god star. With its tempting gastronomy and its many activities, Marrakech is one of the most popular sunny destinations, and at a low price to boot!

The souk

Dubai, the journey to the sun of modernity

For those who wish go to the sun under the auspices of modernity and luxuryDubai is certainly the ideal city. Bathed in the rays of the sun all year round, the capital of the emirate of the same name hastened to take advantage of this manna from the heavens to make tourism one of the pillars of its economy. There is no shortage of upscale hotels and luxury boutiques, and the government's madness of grandeur gives rise to superb architectural achievements. We think of the artificial island of Palm Island and its multiple tourist complexes, where nautical and other activities are sure to attract tourists looking for a comfortable destination in the sun!

The Palm

Canary Islands, get in the sun in a few hours

By taking the plane in a European capital like Paris, it will only take you a few hours to reach a small paradise where the weather is always nice. The islands that make up the Canary Islands archipelago compete in beauty and charm, so much so that they have always attracted travelers. Berber sailors, ancient Greeks or sassy hippies, all were fascinated by the power of attraction of the archipelago which today enjoys a major international reputation, thanks in particular to her natural beauty and her sense of celebration.

Canary Islands Canary Ride / Unsplash

Phuket, the flagship destination of the far east

Both the name of the island and its largest city, Phuket has become a myth for lovers of sun travel. Its geographical location allows it to enjoy superb weather all year round and also limits the effects of the monsoon which can sometimes be devastating in other provinces of Thailand. Right here, seaside tourism is a religion practiced by all and water sports, nightlife and the enchantment of the world are everywhere. A daydream for lovers of Asian culture.

Mai khao

Tahiti, a trip under a blue sky to the land of surfing

The largest of the islands of French Polynesia is a flagship destination for tourists looking for a little warmth and softness. The city of Papeete is home to the only international airport in the region and is thus the gateway to the region. And what a door! Tropical sun, charm of the inhabitants, enchanting local customs and nature as strong as it is dazzling, you will for sure fall in love with the place. And if you are a surfer, you have just walked through the door of paradise ...

Tahiti, the surf island fabe collage / Unsplash

Death Valley, a sun of death for a dream trip

Another place and other customs. Here, the sweetness of life is not really the objective of the trip. Visiting Death Valley is a bit like walking on the moon. The brutality of nature combines with the strength of the sun to compose a world where lonely man would have no chance of surviving. However, we are fascinated when we discover these blocks of stone sculpted by the weight of years and the patient winds that regularly lash the region. We recommend the helicopter flight, perfect for taking full measure of the majesty of the place.

The iconic Death Valley

Rio de Janeiro, the sun in hearts

In Brazil, the sun is part of the culture of the inhabitants, to such an extent that it has entered hearts and customs. Evidenced by the always joyful activity of Rio, where parties, Carnival or multiple opportunities to have fun are legion. Visit Copacabana or Ipanema and see how Brazilians play with their bodies on the beaches. From the top of Corcovado, it's a more relaxed but nonetheless marvelous spectacle. You will then observe the city and the bay and understand why the Portuguese sailors decided to found a colony on these lands.

Under the sun of Rio de Janeiro

Mauritius, a crossroads of multiple cultures

Located not far from Réunion and Madagascar, Mauritius has been at the crossroads of African and Asian cultures for millennia. With colonization, western culture was added, thus forming a people with the most varied influences on the planet. Volcanic by nature, Mauritius offers many possibilities to take a trip to the sun in the heart of nature to visit its wonders. Do not forget to also look to the sea, its coral reef is one of the most beautiful in the Indian Ocean.


Sicily, a sunny, gastronomic and traditional destination

Sicily is the subject of many fantasies about life in the country. Driven by the films and culture of Italian-American immigrants, the island has taken advantage of its stories which have endowed it with particular appeal to tourists from all over the world. In addition, the raw beauty of the place and the strength of the local nature, symbolized by the volcanic activity of Etna, have shaped a rich and complex culture where tradition continues and where time seems to flow more slowly than elsewhere. A destination in the sun straight out of another world less than three hours from Paris.

The charming little town of Ragusa, Sicily

Cancun, the trip to the sun under the auspices of the eternal party

For fans of frenzied evenings, Cancún is undoubtedly "the place to be". Popularized by the major American student festivals, the city of Yucatan in Mexico now enjoys a worldwide reputation for mass tourism. Right here, the whole environment is designed for the pleasure of the senses and the satisfaction of desires the most intense. Colorful cocktails, paradisiacal beaches and rhythmic music will set the tone for an exciting, festive and playful trip.

Under the Cancun sun

Kuala Lumpur, enjoy the heat in Malaysia

Southeast Asia has been a flagship destination for backpacking travelers for several years, but it is also a region with strong economic development. Sometimes nicknamed the Asian “Silicon Valley”, the Malaysian capital is based on a pleasant tropical climate and an abundant activity to host all kinds of major events. Its automobile Grand Prix, its religious buildings and its traditional culture form the canvas of an attractive city where centuries-old tradition and modernity combine in a perfect combination for the holidays.

Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia

Peru, when the sun bathes the culture

For those looking for the pleasures of good weather without neglecting the joys of cultural discovery, Peru is an ideal destination. Visiting Machu Picchu under the benevolence of the grazing rays is a unique experience that brings us back to the precarious condition of Man while reminding us that he is capable of overthrowing mountains. In Lima, you can stroll around the city and enjoy its thousand-year-old architecture where the Inca civilization has demonstrated the full extent of human genius.

Discover Machu Picchu, Peru

Greece, national temple of the Sun

When you want to leave for a heavenly climate without straying too far from Paris, Greece is obvious. Here, the gods have always protected men, offering them an ideal environment for the development of civilization. From the capital Athens to the countless islands that dot its territory, you will enjoy the benevolence of Apollo who will guide you from the most beautiful monuments in Europe to the steep foothills of beaches preserved from tourist crowds.

Navagio Beach, Greece

Choosing the right destination

Choosing a sun-drenched destination for their vacation is a priority for many tourists. The world is vast and teeming with multiple places where the weather is good and conducive to rest and relaxation. Asia, Africa, Europe and America all have a corner of the sun to offer, you just have to choose! So which of these destinations do you like the most?

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