12 tips for setting up your van yourself!

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For a weekend or for a long trip, vanlife has become, in recent years, a full-fledged lifestyle that is attracting more and more people. But for the adventure to go as well as possible, there is an essential subject not to be neglected: the arrangement of your van. In fact, optimizing the few square meters that will serve as your living space is essential. It is therefore wise to take your time and be well informed about this crucial step. To help you, here is 12 tips for setting up your van yourself and finally go on an adventure!

Define your expectations

The first step is undoubtedly the search for the rare pearl, the van that will make your heart beat and will shelter you throughout your adventures. For this, it is essential to define your expectations, such as:

  • Your frequency of use,
  • The type of roads you plan to take,
  • The number of people living in the vehicle,
  • The presence of an interior bathroom.

So many questions that are essential in order to carry out a first sorting of the vehicle you are looking for.

Prepare your van

Once you've found the gem, it's time to roll up your sleeves! One of the tips for setting up your van yourself is to prepare the vehicle well beforehand. Indeed, interior and exterior cleaning will get you started on the right foot and to counter, as of now, certain problems which could appear on the road. A well-maintained van will take you far, so do not hesitate to pamper your new home with a good overhaul, an oil change or an anti-rust treatment.

Clean your van well

Make plans

Before rushing headlong into making your kitchen furniture and other supplies, one tip is to make plans ahead of time. Thereby, you can best optimize your interior by taking precise measurements of the space available to you. Perhaps you will opt for removable furniture rather than fixed, in order to save some space? It is often on paper that the small details of the layout of your van will make all the difference. You can also use 3D modeling software to help you in this exercise.

Take his time

Who has never known this impatience the day before going on a trip? Only one thing obsesses us, to be there already. However, when it comes to setting up your van yourself, it is rather wise to take your time. Do not rush to the first materials available to you. Instead, find out and compare the different floors, insulation methods or even the electrical system that best suits your needs.

Choose the interior design

Optimize storage

When you live in a confined space, one of the nerves of the war is to optimize it as well as possible. Thus, many storage ideas make it possible to set up your van very easily. Think about hooks for hanging cups and other utensils, with storage pockets or even to rear doors which can be used as cupboards. 

Think about the invisible parts

It is important not to neglect the invisible parts of your vehicle. Bring for example special attention to your insulation and plating when you set up your van. Also think about which insulation to choose depending on the weather in the places you will be visiting. This choice can make all the difference on the road and will bring you more comfort.

Create vents

Another element that we do not always think of is the ventilation system within the vehicle. Indeed, just like a house, it is essential to create air vents in order to cook and sleep there in complete safety. One idea for setting up your van is to opt for a skylight. In addition to creating an additional air outlet for you, it will also bring a lot of light into the cabin.

Install a ventilation for the van

Ask for advice from around you

When fitting out your van, do not hesitate to seek advice from more expert than us. Indeed, take advantage of the know-how of your loved ones to help you with certain tasks. Likewise, appeal to the vanlife community through social networks and forums, so that they can share with you. their experiences on the road. After all, who better than a traveler to advise another?

Learn about the formalities of the VASP

An essential point when the layout of his van, is the famous VASP approval, required since May 20, 2018, to obtain the gray card for leisure vehicles. To get this precious sesame, a Dreal technician will have to check your van in a technical control center. So remember to find out more about this from the DREAL services in particular.

Keep an eye on the budget

The first reason to set up your van yourself is often that of the budget. So keep an eye on the latter so as not to exceed it too much and limit damage. Salvage or second-hand items are effective tips for reducing expenses.

Arrange according to your budget

Fit the roof

Always with the aim of saving space, it is interesting to think about the arrangement of the roof of your van. You can thus add gallery which will serve as storage for luggage or bulky items, but also there install solar panels to optimize your electricity consumption.

Let go of the decoration

It's time to add your final personal touch! So take the opportunity to let go of the decoration with colorful plants, string lights or bed linen. Small details that will allow you to finally feel at home!

Decorate your van

To take the road is to live to the fullest!

Now that the arrangement of the van holds no more secrets for you, it's time to taste the joys of nomadic life. So don't wait a minute longer to discover new horizons! And why not start with a road trip in Europe?

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