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Capital of the state of Victoria, in southern Australia, Melbourne is a multi-faceted city where you will never get bored. Beaches, historical monuments, museums, parks and a leading cultural scene ... everything is there to enjoy a stay in the heart of Australian coolness. Here are our Top 10 things to do in Melbourne!

Visit the city on foot

The first thing to do in Melbourne is to take a walk. In all information kiosks, you will find brochures with many walking routes. During these walks, you can discover all the architectural styles of this extraordinary city. 19th century Victorian houses, futuristic buildings and exceptional buildings mix.

Don't miss, for example, St. Paul's Cathedral and the State Library of Victoria. During your walks, do not miss the unmissable Federation Square and its surroundings, but also the different neighborhoods: Chinatown, Carlton and its Italian restaurants, Fitzroy and its street artists or even Southbank with its view of the Skyline. 

Melbourne Center

Stroll through the Melbourne Botanic Gardens

Come and appreciate the exoticism of a totally domesticated tropical forest. You will be able to walk in a dense forest and discover new varieties. Some date from the time of the dinosaurs. Children will even have their own corner, in the children's garden: they will be able to discover the plants at their own pace, very simply. A must visit to do in Melbourne!

The botanical garden

Admire the works at the Contemporary Art Center

An aboriginal would not deny the architecture of this contemporary art center, located in Melbourne. Inside you will discover works of art by famous artists, including Yoko Ono. It is even possible for you to meet some of these artists: do your research before coming.

Contemporary Art Center (ACCA)

Stroll through the Queen Victoria Market

A must-do in Melbourne, the Queen Victoria Market is frequented by locals and tourists alike. Open from Wednesday evening to Sunday, it hosts many stands, mostly food, in a beautiful historic building. You will find the specialties of the region, such as the excellent wines of the Yarra Valley, but also stalls offering menus of all origins: Indian, Italian, Greek, etc. And while you eat a bite with a good drink, it is not uncommon to be able to listen to a concert live

Queen Victoria Market

Enjoy the good weather at Mc Clelland Gallery

If you want to visit an art museum, but also want to enjoy the good weather, then head to McClelland Gallery. Contemporary art is exhibited there both in the building and in the pretty park.. You can spend time there: a café welcomes you and offers many dishes.

Mc Clelland gallery park

Learn about the history of the city at the Melbourne museum

If you want to learn more about Melbourne's history, you've come to the right place! But if at the same time you are drawn to the natural sciences, dinosaurs as well as cinema, then you will be delighted too. Indeed, this huge museum offers different routes on these themes! You can also test virtual reality in le « Road to Zero experience ». In short, a nice visit to do in Melbourne!

Melbourne museum

Take a walk around Philip Island

Take your car, and for a day, marvel at the sight of pelicans (in San Remo). Then head to Cape Woolamai and proceed to Churchill Island to visit a XNUMXth century farm. On this island, you will also see a lot of koalas, refugees in a protection center. Finally, motorcycle lovers will make the detour to Philip Island, where the grand prize takes place every year. You can then eat in Cowes and return quietly to Melbourne.

Hot air balloons flying over Philip Island

Discover the history of the settlers at the Immigration museum

Discover the history of millions of colonists, their dreams, their hopes, their installation, their disappointments. This museum deals with immigration, creating a close link between the visitor and the XNUMXth century settler. A striking experience, including a visit to a boat in which these men were escorted.

L’immigration museum

Shiver in Melbourne Prison

How about spending an afternoon in jail in Melbourne? Not very cheerful? It's true, but that's where they went number of prisoners during British colonization. It is possible to visit this prison at night, by candlelight, but will you dare to live this experience?

Melbourne prison

Enjoying the beach in St Kilda

What to do in Melbourne in the middle of summer? Go to the beach of course! Located to the south of the city, St Kilda is easily accessible by tram. Renowned for its long and beautiful beach, its bars and its restaurants, it is an essential stopover for a day of relaxation. A vibrant little town, St Kilda hosts festivals and concerts all year round. And if you want to have fun, head to Luna Park: an amusement park suitable for all ages, ideal if you are traveling with the family!

plage St Kilda

Useful information

  • To get to Melbourne, count 22h flight from Paris with at least one stopover.
  • The ideal season is spreading from September to May. Avoid the southern winter, where temperatures can be very low and where the rain is at the rendezvous.
  • To reach the city center, you can take the bus or the SkyBus. The journey takes between 30 and 45 minutes.
  • To get around and see all there is to do in Melbourne, it is best to get a Myki card. It will allow you to travel on the entire bus and metro network.
  • Melbourne has the most tram in the world. In addition, in the city center, this means of transport is completely free!
Tram in Melbourne

The essentials of Melbourne… and after? 

So much to do in Melbourne! Favorite of many travelers, and rightly so, it will leave you with lasting memories. If you have the time and want to extend your Australian adventure, do not hesitate to consult our top of the most beautiful beaches in Australia, but also our article on Australian history and culture.

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